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so I've been playing warcraft for many years now; since just before WotLK. What has been going on? little by little it seems like the freedom of creating your own character as you level and explore azeroth has been dwindling. the choices you were able to make and the many combinations you could do to experiment with your creative genius aren't there anymore. It feels like there are just set paths you take nowadays. The new talent system gives you 3 talents. you can only choose one. and you only get it every 15 levels? class trainers aren't really trainers anymore it seems. you just get whatever spells you would probably get at that point in leveling progression as you go. Not bad, because you don't have to buy them anymore, but that was part of what made this game such an experience. you had to earn everything. it kept you interested. The game has been so watered down now, especially in the beginning areas. And what is with the armor? now you're limited to one weapon and either a shield (if usable) or a relic/book. Players used to be able to use everything and anything they could in their arsenal to win and be challenged by that. Now, everything is so fixed and near basic. This is just one man's opinion, but does anyone else think the same? or differently maybe? one could show me the light of this new play style? Also, would there ever be a chance the play style can go back to how it was in WotLK/Vanilla? It was so beautiful and fascinating.
I don't remember this supposed "everybody has always been able to use any weapon" you're talking about. For example, paladins have never been able to use staves. Except, back in the old days, you had to get your weapon skill up before it would do any damage to enemies your level, so if you weren't constantly switching out.. good luck to you. That wasn't immersive to me; it was annoying.

That "set path" was always there. Yes, we used to have more freedom, but it was a false freedom. The choices we were given weren't really choices at all if we wanted to do well. All the things we need are now baked into the character. Each of our talent choices now are true talent choices, dependent upon the character and personal playstyle. For example, the first row is your choice of movement buff. The second, your choice of snare. You can also mix and match old talents you used to have to spend points into a certain tree to have. For example, my arcane mage can now have both Scorch and Ice Barrier (abilities limited to the Fire and Frost trees, respectively).

I never found the old talent system "beautiful" or "fascinating". Just a choice between "this talent that sucks" and "this talent, which eventually leads to an awesome talent, but still sucks". :p

I also like having spells appear instantly, and without the gold expenditure. That way I'm never several ranks behind because I'm questing in Western Bumsville and don't want the 20-minute gryphon ride back from a major city to train.

But everyone is different. Those are just my views. :)

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