My PvP macros have been NERFED HARD!

It appears that the majority of my stance-based cast sequence macros are broken. Also, a number of my instant casts won't play nice with their opening abilities.

As a dev, I spend no insignificant amount of time building and test these. Several of my macros hit the character limit. Gotta redo them all now it appears. Bad enough that the talent strats have been gimped down to a 3rd grade short bus level. Why did they have to nerf my macros?

I wish I had seen this BEFORE renewing the accounts for my entire family (I have to do the macros for all 4 of us). At least we have pandas now... wait... pandas? Nevermind. For a second there I thought there might be a silver lining to this mess, but no. That was just the result of the migraine I've received from figuring out exactly how my macros have been neutered. Redefining the meaning of having the beans above the frank, but I digress....

I think I'll just log onto my monk, hotkey [castsequence jab, jab, tiger palm, tiger palm, tiger palm] in a karate-chop pattern on my keyboard and proceed to HIYAH!!!! and drool on myself until I hit level 90.

My PVP macros just died this week. WTF.

Did they report in a release note somewhere what they nerfed.
"Accept the new shadow dance bar it or lube the !@#$ up and take it from behind" - GC.
/scipt SendChatMessage("My test msg","BATTLEGROUND") has stopped working. But /scipt SendChatMessage("My test msg","YELL") or /scipt SendChatMessage("My test msg","SAY") works in yell or say chat. Have Blizzard nerfed SendChatMessage for battleground chat macros?
I would assume this is happening in conjunction with the party chat update to "instance chat" or whatever. Ask in the UI forum and someone should be able to answer.

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