How did Blood Legion have 2 raid resets?

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I noticed a shadow priest with a high ilvl in Blood Legion, I then realized they killed the first 4 bosses twice.

I guess Blood Legion is going to be World First in this tier like Dragon Soul with this extra gear.
They ran a 10 man before the servers reset on Tuesday.
the raids came on just before the raid reset time so they got in there as quickly as possible and killed them before raid reset.

timing...they made the most out of it.
Oh, ok. Glad to see them getting every advantage, they will be World First once again! Thanks for the answers.
You worry too much. Other guilds were able to do it.
If your really eager, I am not 100% on the timing but lfr should be up for an hour before reset /shrug. See how many posts you can get about he has lfr gear twice.
10/08/2012 09:36 PMPosted by Myrolumast
Oh, ok. Glad to see them getting every advantage, they will be World First once again!

Brace yourselves....
They also could have done it the same way almost all of us have heroic anub'arak kills in ToGC... Buggy armory.
They're world first because they live on this game. They eat sleep and breath wow. They're some of the best players because of this and it's not a surprise they're claiming world firsts. Now if you want to be like them you need to put in the effort like them. Ill be happy just to play video games with my friends.
Idk I see vodka with the same amount of kills so I wouldn't jump the gun plus EU and Asian servers haven't even whent live yet with HM so hold your horses but IMO GO RIG AND HIS TEAM BL FTW
considering they have acquired quite a bit of bmah gear)

bmah has things other than vanity/transmog items? wha?
Well they have a mild amount of excess guild gold to spend for this specific purpose.

edit:Also the 503 pieces were showing up on Beta on BMAH.

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