Holy Fire macro help please?


I need help making a macro for Holy Fire to work in Healbot.

Basically, I want it to hit the target of the person whom I click on in Healbot, or if I click on myself (on Healbot), to hit my target, or at least something that's targeting me.

My main desire is that it'll be hassle-free, and just go off when I press the assigned button in Healbot, and preferably target the 'main boss', or at least hit something that's already in combat, so I don't pull something I shouldn't (otherwise I could probably just use some kind of [target=harm anything] macro (or however that would work).

Can someone help? I'd be most appreciative!
I haven't used Healbot, but assuming it's similar enough to Clique this should work:

/use [@mouseovertarget]Holy Fire
Possibly more smartly, here is one that will cast Holy Fire on your mouseover's target if that's unfriendly, otherwise cast it on your target's target if it's unfriendly, otherwise cast it on your target:

/use [@mouseovertarget,harm][@targettarget,harm][@target]Holy Fire
I don't use healbot so I don't know if my macro will help you.
/cast [@targettarget] Holy Fire

I do this with mindbender too :) So I don't have to switch targets.
Thanks for this - I'll test it when I get chance!

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