Question about prot tanking and Seal use.

Even with the nerf to censure is it worth using anymore ever or just seal of light now?
You can roll with SOI all the time without thinking about threat. Plus with battle healer you can end up healing a ton. Thats what i would use in heroics - not sure about raids yet because I haven't ran them much but I imagine it is still really strong if not stronger.
I tank in SoI. Never had a threat issue, and the self heals are amazing. On pulls with 7 plus mobs I outheal the healer. Tack on that I can throw 60k+ heals at others when needed without losing my target, and 200k plus self heals when things get scary, tied with what...5 damage/avoidance cooldowns?

i do not recommend SoI for Raids, SoT seems to be much more reliable in some fights(Stuck in Elegon 25 =( ).

SoI is for 5 mans only.
i do not recommend SoI for Raids, SoT seems to be much more reliable in some fights(Stuck in Elegon 25 =( ).

SoI is for 5 mans only.

Hmm good to know, care to expand on that some? Our raid group starts tonight (cause whats better after 3 midterms then wiping all night :D ) and if SoI isn't very effective Id like to know that, and why so I can be at my best.
Personally I do use seal of insight with glyph of battle healer. It is a significant amount of healing over the course of a long fight. On will of the emperor, I ended up doing 20k HPS with a total of almost 14 million healing over an eleven minute fight while still pulling over 100k dps. Seal of Truth is nowhere near the dps increase it used to be, probably only a few percent, and that amount of healing is just insane
I'm always using SoI with battle healer, its soo good, and I can keep up with healer in hps if i grab a big enough group :P
SoT if you want more single target damage.
SoI w/battle healer to help out the real healers
SoI for quick add pick ups (healing aggro)/aoe aggro
SoR for aoe damage (5 targets or more)

Really it depends on what you are after.
SoI with battle healer in heroics is just retarded. As it is now (if you haven't heard) it procs off every single thing HoTR hits. Enjoy it before the nerfbat hits (it sure as heck will).
I tend to just switch in mid pull like I'm warrior doing stance dancing I don't see whats hard about that.
Having just been required to tank H-Stone Guard tonight, I can tell you that Seal of Insight is definitely, definitely the better seal in some raid encounters. It's clearly the survivability seal, and in some fights you need to emphasise survivability over threat/dps.

Between SoI, Sacred Shield, Battle Healer and some WoGs, I think I was putting out an average of 30k effective HPS between attempts. Hardly negligible.

Truth is still the single target threat/dps seal, but don't Seal of Insight is definitely the survivability seal.

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