H - Carpe Jugulum recruiting for 2nd 10 grp

Carpe Jugulum is currently recruiting to fill out our second 10 man team.

Raid day/times are Wednesday, Friday and Monday nights from 7 to 10 server time for group 2 (once the group is filled out).

We are specifically looking for:

Healers of any class
Dps of any class

Our guild was founded after a few core members transferred to this server and were not able to find a guild that met our needs in terms of being a positive raiding environment where there was a focus on killing things and also having a good time as a team. We have created that environment at Carpe Jugulum and if that is the type of raiding and WOW experience you are looking for please contact tackkjr, mcluvan, killamajig, thundermoon, or seunki in game.

We have all the guild goodies (lvl 25) as well as boa leg achievement.

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