Tank LF legen, wait for it, dary raid guild

Hey there all, to any guilds that are in need of a tank for their raid group and want to try someone out who is fun and doesn't take this game too seriously but has a drive for progression here's your lucky day.

More about me, 20 year old in university in kinesiology (health and gaming go hand and hand right?)

I've been playing since alpha of this game taking breaks along the way during almost every expansion since when I was younger I didn't have the time to progress even though I wanted to. Even then, when I wasn't part of the raiding group during the beginning of TBC I was highly liked as my Mage during heroics because of the groups I put together being successful. In wrath and Cata I put together a bunch of pugs for raids that were in progression and lead them to the best of my ability on servers that didn't have the best player basis, but people were surprised how far they went.

I also like to pvp and hit 1700 rating in a very short amount of time before stopping because of d3. Now with my attention in terms of gaming (with all the content this expansion has), I am looking for a group that will want to progress and experience the content it has to offer

I am available pretty much every day during the week after 6-7PM EST(server is an hour behind) except for Monday and during the weekend I can be on during whenever, as I study and whatnot. Of course life takes priority and if there's something that I have to do i'd let you know ahead of time, unless it's last minute stuff which I'll let you know then.

I still need to fill some pieces and get my enchants and whatnot, but that's not a big deal as I have enough gold to do so.

If you have any questions add me up on critteri@hotmail.com, ciao.

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