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Looks very nice!

However, BreedIDs are really only half of the picture in the variation of pet stats. When comparing cross-species (i.e. Azure Whelpling vs Emerald Whelpling), base pet stats are a very nice thing to know as well. If there is a way to display those in tooltips, I would definitely welcome it.

Well this is certainly possible, as I have to calculate base stats as the first step of determining the breedID. Not sure where exactly you'd put them, but you're certainly free to mess with my functions and grab the base stats if you'd like.

I actually thought about this the moment I realized the range of possible IDs. The first four names are obvious:

3/13 (+0.5/+0.5/+0.5): Balanced
4/14 (+0/+2/+0): Powerful
5/15 (+0/+0/+2): Speedy
6/16 (+2/+0/+0): Healthy

The other 6 Breed IDs are much less obvious, but maybe somebody with a good vocabulary and a Thesaurus could come up with some names for the dual-stat BreedIDs (7/17, 8/18, and 9/19) and the hybrid BreedIDs with one stat higher than the rest (10/20, 11/21, and 12/22).

I have no idea what you'd do for the last 3, but for the dual-stat ones, you could look for words that imply Power with Speed or Health with Power. Maybe Health with Power could be "Strong". It seems to imply less Power than Powerful but also has a hint of endurance (Health) to it. Stuff like this is really not my forte, though.

I did do a minor change just for my own uses concerning this - not quite as pretty as full names, but it's helped me keep things straight:

3/13: B/B
4/14: P/P
5/15: S/S
6/16: H/H
7/17: H/P
8/18: P/S
9/19: H/S
10/20: P/B
11/21: S/B
12/22: H/B

(H = health, P = power, S = speed, B = Balanced)
Sure like to see one of the (in-game) API functions return the breedID. Would make things so much easier. >.<

I love the ideas, yes Hp / 5 makes more sense to display

And the breeds should be named.

Im currently at work, so i cannt write a big reply but i'll check in the evening
Sure like to see one of the (in-game) API functions return the breedID. Would make things so much easier. >.<

Yeah, I looked through the Pet Battle LUA files in Patch 5.1 and they do not appear to have added this still, unfortunately.
Perhaps we should make a request! It's a legitimate request! :)
I know I said I wasn't going to bother with compiling a list of breeds per species but I had a great idea on how to do it when I was falling asleep last night. So today, I compiled a Worksheet containing the name/realm/region of 680 different WarcraftPets members (all having over 200 pets with most over 300). I wrote some VBA code to pull the pages and parse them (which was way less effort than you'd think). So far, it's taken three times as long to assemble the list of names and to sort the resulting data than it did to write the code.

In the end, the resulting data is just as accurate as Warla's, if not -very slightly- moreso (his Wildhammer Gryphon Cub shows 19 possible Breeds, my list shows all 20 - but this is the only difference I saw at a glance). I will make this available as a spreadsheet on GoogleDocs either midday today or later tonight once the formatting is bearable.

I'm also missing data for about 10-20 different pets, mainly the Chinese and Taiwanese promotional pets, so I will have go search those out too. There are a few pets I can't get data from in any known way because they can't be obtained (Summer/Winter seasonal pets). Additionally, there is also a little missing data from pets that Blizzard had to "hotfix" in to the Pet Journal; I fear that the way in which they did this hotfix may have not corrected the error on the Web API. I'll look into that too. And lastly, if you know anyone who has completed the achievement "Pro Pet Mob" (raise 75 pets to level 25) and obtained the Singing Cricket pet as a result, please post their name/server here so I can grab the breedID for that pet.
Simca! You are my hero!
I've implemented the breeds per pet now
Nicely done, Warla! How'd you get the info on the number of breeds per pet? Scan the WAPI?
Nah scan whoever puts his name on my webpage... So the more look at their pets on my website the better the data gets
My hero Warla, could you have it display which breed id's it detected for the pets? That way I can shop for best in slot pets better.

Also I am using your page to look up people on the forum. Hope it helps add to your database.
It does :-) thanks
No offense but I have been using for "YEARS" and if you want a easier way to see what a pet might look like at level 25 with stats just go to this web page: is an excellent website but it doesn't yet have information on the different breeds. It only provides average stats at various levels for pets of different rarities.

It can give the average stats for a rare pet at level 25, but not the stats for each of the 20 breeds that exist for some rare pets. Compiling stats for all possible breeds is what this work is about.
In plus, what is WarcraftPet's (and Wowhead's for that matter) definition of "average"?

Are they talking about the Base Stats for the Species (pre-breed) or are they talking about Breed ID 3 (the most balanced breed) or are they talking about a true average of all available data they have or are they talking about a true average of the Breed IDs per Species ID that they have privately determined?

#1 and #2 are very, very bad ways of doing it, and #3 is random depending on your data set. #4 is the only real way of showing an average.

"Average" stats per level means nothing if they don't say what that actually is.
Oh that reminds me though - that site does have a nice list of players with huge pet collections, so if you're looking for data on rare pets, those are some good names to check.
10/16/2012 09:28 PMPosted by Hugh
Oh that reminds me though - that site does have a nice list of players with huge pet collections, so if you're looking for data on rare pets, those are some good names to check.

Yes, that's where I got a big portion of my data from.

The rest was from I figured players with lots of high level battle pets probably had a good chance at having lots of rarer ones. I used WoWProgress to nab some of the promotional pets in Taiwan and Korea. I FINALLY found a player with the elusive Terky (from White Murloc Egg). Her BreedID is 22 (and supports the gender theory for duplicate breedIDs since her pet journal entry specifically mentions she is female).

I will release my data in just a minute. It's basically going to be the same as Warla's data except I'll have some of the promotional pets and harder to get BreedIDs.

EDIT: Here you go:

"MISSING" means that the pet exists in-game and in the in-game Pet Journal but cannot be retrieved on the Web API due to an error or mistake on Blizzard's end. I need to remember to make a post in the Community API Forum about this.

"CHINA" or "KOREA" means the pet is exclusively available in those regions after meeting certain conditions. Note that my document actually contains 2/3 of the China, Korea, and Taiwan pets including Terky, Golden Pig, Silver Pig, and the Essence of Competition, but is still missing 4 or 5.

"NOT A PET" means that the pet can't battle. This category includes Kites and Balloons.

"NEVER IN" means that the pet exists in the game files and can retrieved via the Web API but does spawn in-game or have a Pet Journal entry. I also include the Baneling in this category despite it being in the Pet Journal because StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm has not been released yet.

"WINTER" and "SUMMER" mean that the pet can only be captured during those seasons. Since neither of those seasons have occured yet, getting data for its Breeds is currently impossible.

"75 LVL 25s" and "GOLD CHA" refer to achievements that must be obtained in order to get the pets in question. "75 LVL 25s" refers to "Pro Pet Mob" which requires the player to raise 75 pets to level 25. As far as I know, nobody has completed this achievement yet (if they have, please link their armory!). "GOLD CHA" refers to the guild achievement that requires you to complete all Challenge Modes on Gold in a Guild group. I could probably get data for this quite easily (but looking up the armories of the players who got world first gold challenge completion), but I'm quite tired right now so I can do that tomorrow.

LASTLY, I have included a spreadsheet I used in creating this called "BNET Names" which contains the Character, Server, and Region for everyone used in the creation of my list. If people are interested, they can go to Warla's site and enter in the armories of some of the players from foreign realms. This should get Warla some of the promotional pet data.
Hmmm i can confirm that the breed id's seem to be really the gender.

< 13 = male
> 12 = female

I'll update my page to reflect genders on the pets. Also will show the beast type when i post the update in the evening.

I'm also implementing an api similar to blizzard for breeding: (708 = speciesId)
will return this (JSON):
will return this (JSON):

Its not up yet.. in about 8 hours from now i'll update the page with the api ;-)
Thank you Simca. I didn't know wowprogress was tracking pets. I swore my collection was pretty up there in terms of levels and rares, and it's actually pretty up there!

I have almost every rare battle pet. They are also all the max catchable levels. Still missing 16 rares I have not caught (gonna take my time. pretty burnt out atm. I didn't even get to level 90 till like last week)

These pets seem to be bugged atm:

Clouded Hedgehog
Silent Hedgehog
Jungle Grub

They only spawn uncommons. I've been trying for hours/days to catch a rare, then I read a thread here with someone else with the same suspicions that they are bugged.
Just checked your pets on

A lot rares you have but a few suck ones to get left...
My blue Larva made me cry....

And your poor --> Red Cricket is poor quality... that blows... hope this wont happen to me

API is up and running now b.t.w

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