Frustrating Escort Quest in Razorfen Downs

So I opened a ticket on this quest and got an automated response. They didn't even read the ticket.

Me: "Ok. So. This is about a very frustrating quest in Razorfen Downs. An escort quest, don't recall the name, where you must protect a man as he channels for 4 or 5 minutes. You face off against adds and finally a boss.
The frustrating part is you must accept a quest from him, hand it in, then accept the next quest. If someone accepts the second quest before the rest of the party has handed in the first quest they won't get the prompt to accept. Please turn it into a single quest."

Blizzard: "Greetings,

Thank you for contacting the Game Master Department. We apologize that the wait has been so long.

First, Blizzard Support does not provide game hints. Second, we've looked over the information you've provided in your ticket, and feel that you may be able to find the answer you're looking for on one of our official fansites. Below are some great resources for quest information, gameplay hints, and even some basic help on playing your character:

Your fellow players - many players have had or asked the same questions you have.

The Blizzard Forums or other discussion groups. - Wowhead features enormous amounts of user-driven information, through basic game information, comments on database entries and screenshot submissions! The site also features forums, where users can ask questions, discuss important World of Warcraft-related topics, recommend and share favorite addons, and much more. - Wowpedia is a wiki dedicated to cataloging the Warcraft universe (with a focus, though not priority, on World of Warcraft); covering the entire Warcraft series of games, RPG reference books, strategy guides, novels, comics (manga and otherwise), and other sources.

We hope these resources can help guide you to the answer you're looking for. Thank you again for contacting us.

Blizzard Entertainment"

Their system seems to think I'm asking for quest help or some crap.
They need to change the quest so that it's only a single quest and not a 2 quest chain. No matter how many times you tell a group to WAIT until EVERYONE has handed in the first quest before accepting the escort quest some moron accepts the second one right away before the entire group is on the same part. If it was a single quest that brought up the prompt for an escort that would make it so much easier and cause much less drama.
As it stands the last time I was in there I skipped the escort quest and the skeleton boss, beat the dungeon, and then me and my 2 friends waited till the pugs dropped group before going over and doing the escort quest ourselves without idiots starting it early.
Nobody in the public has an opinion on this? Should have posted it in the general forums, I suppose.
Agree, this has been confusing for as long as the quest existed. The game wasn't always able to prompt you to accept a group quest being started, but ever since that capability was added the first step here should have been removed completely.
I'm really glad someone agrees with me. :)
Blizzard really needs to fix their automatic response system. I submitted a second ticket about that quest, waited a couple days, and received an identical response. I even stated I was NOT looking for help or advice on quests. This is ridiculous, they should actually READ the tickets.


WTB Blue Post on this useless topic.

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