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Heya. I've finally broken down and purchased/set up a WoW account!

Now, that's not to say I'm new to MMOs. I've burned through both SWTOR and GW2, so although I'm a wow noob, I'm not an MMO noob.

Anyway, I'm looking for a mature guild (25+ age wise) who are a tight nit group, very active, and ready to teach me the ropes concerning this game.

When I get into a game I become a very active player, so I can contribute as well once I've learned the ropes.

I haven't even chosen a server yet! I'm east coast, so any suggestions would be great!
I'm guessing we may be too late night for you, but as a new player we may be worth a shot if you stay up really late.

Best of luck in your search.
We're a smaller, but active guild on an eastern server. Our members range from very casual to those with the Savior title. If you're interested in checking us out, here's the spam.

Miscreation is a semi-casual raiding guild on Uldaman (EST-PVE) Alliance side dedicated to experiencing end-game content while fostering mature and rewarding friendships in a team atmosphere.

Working together in new and exciting dungeons, raids, and PvP encounters are the means; having fun and success is the end. Loot is the secondary reward of our labors. We expect maturity, civility, dedication, and the ability to pay attention, learn dynamically and also to poke fun at yourself when needed.

We raid 10-man instances Tues/Thurs nights from 8:00 - 11:00. However, we have no attendance policy for our casual members, you may show up to as little or as many as you want.

Even the most casual, or PvP-oriented players have a place here. Raiders need pals to help them farm, or grind 5-man instances, they need bodies that are still fresh and interested to join along with them. Some off-spec players may need PvP gear for raiding.

Recruiting Needs:
2 Healers (1 with DPS off-spec)

For more information, add me to realid - Destani#1289, or look for me or Misstep in game. We'd love to chat with you in vent to see if we'd be a good fit.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to hearing from you.
Don't take this as a spam to get you to come raid with us, take this as an invitation to exactly what you're looking for! We are indeed recruiting so I'm just going to link our standard spam, but, be sure to read our description in the box. :)

[H]<Vengeful Apathy>Level 25 guild, Is recruiting for a Tank and DPS(VERSATILE MONKS WELCOME!) for our 10man raiding core. Starting raids at 8pm. EST Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. Also looking to complete guild challenge modes and heroics to achieve ultimate goals! We're looking for consistent members as we don't normally have replacements, we understand life happens, but lets not make it habitual.
Nothing but the best for VA! We have a magnitude of communication:
Vent, Mumble, Skype (vent being the most common used for raids and mumble being commonly used for Rbg enjoyment)
-Our only few requirements is be fun and respectful, we're not looking for any type of hostility, we favor trust worthy and punctual members!

-We are a tight knit group and open to getting on a first name basis.

-One thing we love to see and guild activity while in guild groups!

-We use DKP system(dragon kill points) for looting, this ensures that one who attends raids often is sure fire to roll on loot!

-We have great repair and ready to adjust them is need be.

-Always open to new ideas and laid back raiding!

-Also in to PvP such are RBG's we need a couple of rolls to fill

Hello I'm Cosmiclover, I go by Minty and currently Guild Matriarch-Battletag Chelthi#1156
And Kahrnage GM Kahrn#1892
Hello, just letting you know, this forum is mostly used for raiding guilds recruitment. You will have more chance to find one once you reach max level and decide to try raiding (if it's your thing)

I think you would be better off looking in these forums :

particularly this thread :

Welcome to WoW, I hope you enjoy your stay :)
Welcome Aldolfin,

I love GW2! How did you like it? Thanks to ANet I can wander in Tyria without worrying about Subscriptions; it's my companion game when I don't feel like playing WoW :)

Anyhow, my guild is looking for more members. Just as you like it, we are all above 25 y/o with jobs and families. We are planning on raiding on Friday at 8:30 pm EST; yes, only Fridays. If you weren't sure about raiding, that's ok too!
This guild is really small and looking to be stay small-medium. We are looking for families here.

We are on Kilrogg server. If you're interested in joining us, add Phizzy#1546 or make a level 1 and ask someone in <The Three Arrows> for officers.

Here is our recruitment thread:

Good luck finding your guild!
Hey there...

Would love to get a chance to talk to you about what you are looking for in a guild. We are made up of adults (primarily in our 30s). Our guild has been around since the Open Beta in 2004. If you are interested in chatting...please respond via email at Kahunax @ gmail . com or Real ID at Kawika#1387.

Thanks & good luck with your search!

Team X Calibre
AWESOME!!! Another new player!!!

I love new players ... they completely reinvigorate the communities, bringing fires back into the eyes of the old players and inspiring the other newer players. Too cool.

We're West Coast so I can't really offer much but I had to stop by and huzzah for you, bump for your post and wish you a great time in the world of Azeroth!!

Live long and punt gnomes.
Welcome to the game!

We're a small guild with a pretty active and friendly group, and we're all pretty much in the age range you're hoping to find.
Feel free to take a look at us:

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