2200 queue...

blizzard it has been a solid 2 weeks since the release of mists of pandaria and it has become impossible to play the game. We want to play on Illidan because thats where all the good stuff happens. We dont want to transfer off to some garbage realm like mug'thol. We want to stay where we are. Most of us paid to be here. If people aren't using the free realm transfer you need to come up with a new solution to this problem. This is unacceptable.
Was in queue for 2 hours, finally got down to 300, net went out for 5 minutes, now I'm back in for 183 minutes 2000th in queue...

I'm at just over 100 but ive been in Q for over 3hrs now I just run netflix in the back. They need to make Q times go quicker im 100% certain they could if they wanted to but they are lazy and do not want to increase the servers population cap. It's utter bull when we pay for a service and we do not get it.
Tell me about it, ever since the release of expansion i can't level up !! not even one level i have a job and i go to school, when i'm done about 9ish 10ish i log in and get a 1 hour 47 minute wait ? WTH !!

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