Back from hiatus, or new to the game?

Are you new to WoW, or a returning player who has come back after a long hiatus? If you are, <Blizzard Mentor Alliance> is here for you! We are the official Alliance mentoring guild on Garona, and we are here to help you discover the mysteries of Azeroth and beyond!

<Blizzard Mentor Alliance> was previously known as <Fair Enough> and at our core, we are a casual, adult and social guild. We are primarily PvE, but have been known to kill a few Horde. We are level 25 and have heirloom legs, and tailored guild shirts unlocked, which are perks new to Mists of Pandaria. Many of our core members have been playing since Vanilla, and are here to answer any and all questions you may have about your class, your role, or even the lore!

Here are some other things you can enjoy if you join us

1. Extra XP and reputation boost.
2. Guild repairs.
3. Bags!
4. Lively/random guild chat
5. Glyphs!
6. Casual, but successful raiding.
7. All guild dungeon/scenario runs
8. Ventrilo!
9. Being treated like a "real life" person, and not an avatar.
10. Every day is a new adventure!

Feel free to PST any member for more information or for a guild invite. All levels and classes are welcome! We look forward to adventuring the world with you soon!
I could of had green text. But no, had to let Deb write the application. :|
10/09/2012 11:22 PMPosted by Wazuka
I could of had green text. But no, had to let Deb write the application. :|

The first rule of success, don't let Deb do anything.
Bumpity bump bump bump
I applied to the guild a few days ago, I'm new to WoW and sort of just fumbling my way through. :) Is there someone I should contact in game about joining?
Hi Chealsea! I have whispered you a couple times and have gotten no response. When are you usually online so I may try to contact you again?

Happy leveling, and I hope to talk to you soon!
Hey, i'm looking to join. Started a day or so ago :) Looking forward to getting advice on leveling and such. Tried hitting you up today but you were offline.
oh noes smartfox i hope you get in der :p

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