I am looking for an RP server.

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I have been looking to play on an RP(PvP strongly pref, but not ABSOLUTELY required) server for a long, long time. I used to rag on the nerdy kids in school, etc, and feel horrible about it now since I love RP so much, but I'm already digressing from my original statement/request.

I played Maelstrom Horde for a little while, but there was little to no world pvp and the H:A ratio, much like Illidan, was in the Horde's favor to a considerable extent; the other part of Maelstrom that truly perturbed me was that it was hardly an RP server at all.

I am now desperate. The parameters of the dream server I'm looking for are as such (indifferent as to which faction I'd play [would likely be the population underdog]):

-As close to 1:1 H:A as possible.
-A majority RP-active community.
-RPPvP server if possible.
-Significant World PvP / Orchestrated cross-faction events if possible.

Does this type of server exist? If it does, I'm *begging* to hear about it. Thank you for your time.
RPPVP server's seem to lack in RP these days, in all honesty. If you want Majority-RP, all I can do is point you to Wrymrest or Moon Guard, as they are the most active. In my experience, Moon Guard is more abundant, while Wyrmrest has a little more quality in it's Roleplay. I think on WrA the ratio to A:H is a little better than Moon Guard, as well.

If you want World pvp, all I can think of is to find a guild of the opposite faction willing to cooperate and go all out with ya. Things like this aren't very natural anymore, and don't happen on their own. Majority of Roleplayers tend to stick to the cities where they'll be noticed, instead of going out somewhere where hardly anyone else is.

I could be wrong, though. There may be some RPPVP server that's decently active and cane sate your desires :P. Good luck with that.. but in all honesty, if it doesn't come, all I can say is head to WrA and give it a go.
Moon Guard has had large RP-PVP events before, one of the biggest so far being the Fall of Theramore.


Link to the thread and information.

Usually the wins for both sides are pretty equal, Alliance one the battle for Theramore, only to have it bombed with a Mana bomb, which was quite amusing, but it was still loads of fun. So I was told by a friend, there were probably at least 200 people who showed up and the lag was CRAZY, but amusing either way.

Horde and Alliance RP, ratio wise, is fairly equal, with a few Horde millitary guilds and like wise for Alliance. You just gotta look for it.

If you want to ask any questions


MG realm forums. Good luck and Happy Hunting!
Thanks for the suggestions. I've twiddled my thumbs around Moon Guard before, hoping to see some real RP going on, but unfortunately I was discouraged when I made it to Goldshire. I don't *mind* ERP, per se, but it's not really what I'm trying to get into. Especially not when it's just "LOL U R A SECKZ SLAYVEEEE"

I mean, if people wanna go that way that's fine, but write it well. You know what I mean?

I'm sure I'll end up trying both of those servers soon enough. I'm really tired of looking at Tauren butt, too, so the more I think about it the more I think I'll roll Alliance.
Oh lord, ERP lol
I was trying not to offend anyone.

Edit: I don't do ERP. But I'm not all ragey about it, either, like I've seen some people be.
I was trying not to offend anyone.

Edit: I don't do ERP. But I'm not all ragey about it, either, like I've seen some people be.

Me neither, tho I do find it a bit odd, but if people do it Im not gonna complain, lol. Even tho Im leveling 6 Blood Elves on Moon Guard, havent been asked, dunno whether to be happy or somewhat disappointed
Do not judge the whole server by Goldshire. There are an amazing amount of good rpers on MG. But the really good ones do not sit in Goldshire, they are out in the world, in capital cities and other places. Level up and see what you can find in SW.
I'll agree, there is good RP but it's outside of Goldshire, and imo, Silvermoon. I've just found I prefer WrA a little better. What I recommend is just make a toon on each, spend some time looking around and see which suits your tastes better and go with the one. :p
Goldshire is in no way an accurate representation of Moon Guard Alliance. The first inn by the front door in Silvermoon is in no way an accurate representation of Moon Guard's Horde. Check Org and Stormwind for random RP. Look at the forums. The one real gripe I have about Moon Guard is that just about every interesting guild I find is RP-PvP so it's hard to place natural characters so you'll fit right in. There's tons of it going down. The down side is that some of the guilds aren't as organized with it which can lead to egos causing drama. Do your research.

WrA is also a great realm, and there is rp-pvp. In my own experience (so take it with a grain of salt) an rp-pvp guild on WrA will rp and pvp frequently, but not at the same time. They'll rp and then go do a bg. WrA also tends to be all "This guild does everything! We pvp, rp, pve, level, and are also a social guild!" and the truth is they actually just focus on one thing and do the others as afterthoughts or sometimes not at all. So make sure to really do your research here too. I can say that the rp-pvp I've had on Wra has always been really well organized and lighthearted.

They're both fabulous communities and you'll be happy either way, I'd wager.

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