[A] -Method- =lvl25= 10m [2/6 MV] lf 1 Healer

Guild Recruitment
Method is a 10m guild on Greymane-US.

We are a level 25 guild and are seeking 1 heals monk,paladin, or shaman. Must have ilevel of 460+. If you have an exceptional background (raid experience wise) we can talk about a server transfer on us.

We are seeking for to help us down MoP progression quickly.

Our raid times are Friday and Saturday raid starts 11:30PM CST. Expect raids to last for upto 4hours.

We are 2/6 MV. Lack of another healer is slowing progression down. We are all competent players and are looking to strive to one of the best 10m guilds.

Visit us at http://methodofgreymane.com. Register and Apply if you are interested, or contact me through real id (eqsasukei@aol.com)
Bump. 1 spot left for core force.
Still one spot for a healer, get in before raid tomorrow night.
Raid in less than 12 hours, lets find your healer a new home.
Come join the fun and get some PHAT lootz on the way.
Raid in 2 hours, get transfered before raid starts. Needing 1 healer.
Get in while you can
Woot went 2/6 tonight. More to come tomorrow night.
Who wants to clear MV with us?

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