Whats the best pet in the magic family?

Pet Battles
This is the last family I need to get a level 25 of each family. So in your experience what's the strongest magical pet and why?
I found Legs to be extremely face-eating once it hits 10 and gets 'pump'. Big aquatic damage attack, 'power surge' is an excellent 'this fight is over' final attack, and I just defeated 2 out of Farmer Nishi's 3 pets with Legs and let Lil' Deathwing clean up the last one.
The Disgusting Oozeling seems very good. A Jade Oozeling has identical skills.

It has a Magic damage skill for each slot so easily handles flyers with those skills. It also can be specced for Aquatic, Critter and Undead damage making it very flexible.

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