Ancient Pandaren Tea Pot, bugged?

While questing in the Jade Forest on two of my other characters, I was easily able to loot the junk item Ancient Pandaren Tea Pot, but on my current character (level 86 warlock) I can't see the tea pot unless I am almost out of viewing distance of the table on which it sits. I see the sparkle from this distance and my cursor turns into a gear indicating that there is loot on the table, and it says Ancient Pandaren Tea Pot, but when I move closer to it, the tea pot disappears.

I have tried turning off all add-ons, and that changed nothing.

Is anybody else having this problem?
I'm having the same exact problem but on multiple characters
I'm having the same problem on my horde character.
Having this problem on this character. Seems to be some kind of phasing bug.
same here I'm guessing they are not in a big hurry to fix it

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