2's with a Ret

I keep getting stomped in 2's by Melee. I have a Ret Pally partner who is pretty good but I feel like I keep letting us down because I die rather quickly. Is there any point in going Demo and staying in DA form to basically tank people while CC'ing and putting out some damage (I know the damage is bad)? Or do I just need to L2P? Or is it just 2's?

I blow people up in BGs but I seem to have little success living long enough in 2's to build up at least 2 embers. I run around spamming Fel Flame, Conflag, and Incinerate when Backlash procs. I try to save Dark Soul, Trinket, and UR so I can drop some guaranteed Chaos Bolts but it doesn't always work out. The chances of me living long enough for Dark Soul to come up again are slim so it's pretty much a one time deal. Probably I need to L2P.
Yeah that's what I would do. Just go DA and summon your imps and second pet vs double DPS that hit you. Thers's no way any team is going to let you free cast Chaos Bolts in 2s anyway.
Rets generally have poor/mediocre synergy with casters. They do considerably better with another melee or with a healer.

It's really hard for a Ret to peel melee off of you and a Ret can only heal you against two zerging melee for so long. Since you're going to be getting tunneled constantly, it will be very hard for you to build up embers. You may have better luck as Demo or Affliction, but with a Ret as a partner, it will always be an uphill battle.

I've tried doing Lock/Ret in the past without much success. However, I had the luxury of dropping the Lock for my priest and going Disc/Ret, which is far more rewarding.

NB - This is based off of Cata experience. I understand things have changed but in this regard, I don't think much has changed. Also, if you could convince your Pally friend to go Holy, that also would likely make things easier.
try teaming with a hunter or another caster like a shadow priest or mage or a healer
Thanks guys. I might give Demo a run...on paper I was thinking the Ret wouldn't be a bad partner but I guess I may have miscalculated.
Destro/Ret worked great in WOTLK but that's mostly because both Ret and Destro were way, way more powerful than they are today. People have too much faith in Destro because in random BGs you can get off big Chaos Bolts and melt face. You are witnessing that this doesn't exactly transfer to Arenas, especially 2s. Your only choice IMO if you are getting blown up by double melee DPS is to either run with a Frost Mage who can peel for you like crazy or a Holy Paladin who is willing to double BoP you so you can actually get casts off.
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Thers's no way any team is going to let you free cast Chaos Bolts in 2s anyway.

No idea what you're talking about :S. As in I have no idea what you're talking about, no you have no idea..

It may be because I ran Destro/Destro, but in the end, we both got off our Chaos Bolt's, Havoc'd too, and they were in sync, every game. Granted, we generally had one player feared and the other in a Shadowfury/Howl/Coil..

@Skeld; if you can see that you're vs'ing double Melee, adjust accordingly.. get your Ret to prepare for FoJ/HoJ after Disarm, to maximize their minimization of hitting you, especially Warrior's.

You're running Sac, so don't Sac during the wait time.. Summon your Voidy, wait for when they look like they're bursting (they generally turn big and red, Warrior's will generally turn into a massive Avatar), Disarm them, Sac your pet, and continue destroying them.

10/10/2012 06:30 AMPosted by Skeld
Or do I just need to L2P?

Learn to RE-PLAY, most likely.. It does take some getting used to, especially with all the different comps that are emerging, who works best with what, etc. etc.

Utilizing your Pyroclasm is very useful too, and because you run with Shadowfury (/pat, best choice :D), you can basically get off 2 Chaos Bolt's within that Shadowfury; granted you need to be a few yards away to avoid an interrupt, or silence/disarm them when they get out.. but it's doable :P.

Only thing you need to remember is to fear!! Use the Purple Skull Backpack if you're getting lolled on my a Warrior/Deathknight, and watch some of them blow Strangulate/Pummel/Heroic Throw, while you hard cast a Fear or Chaos Bolt :D. (Use it as a defensive cooldown too, i.e. getting lolled on, pop PSB, throw on some heals, maybe Healthstone and an Ember Tap, or just DR, or all three, up to you :P.)

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