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We are a “new” (transfer to Blackrock) Level 25 guild that was formed back in the Dark Ages of Vanilla. We consider ourselves a focused casual guild and are looking to bolster our ranks as well as our 10man core raiding group. We are a friendly (relatively) and mature (most of the time) group of people who like to have fun and progress at the same time. We love to PvP and run RBG when not raiding or running old content. We are currently recruiting experienced active players with the same interest as us to push new raid content in MOP.

•Ventrilo is a must, Even if you dont have a mic.
•Previous Raiding Experience is a bonus.

We are currently recruiting:
Ranged DPS And Heals. (possibly some exceptional Melee/Tanks)

Raid Times:
Wednesday 5:30/6 – 9PM server
Thursday 5:30/6 – 9PM server
Possible weekend raids if we are close or alt runs.

Pst Myself (Tjdent), Crushero, or Mattorthepwn

Could really use a Warlock or Mage

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