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Right now, my main team consists of the predictable- Onyxian Whelpling from the original promotion, and Pandaren Monk both at level ten and intend to take them all the way to 25. I've been swapping around the third pet to find a good fit for this team and haven't found it yet.

Can someone recommend a good third pet for this team? I have all the Pet Store pets, but not all of the pets no longer available in the game.
I did On in your filter and I could not find the onyxian whelpling in your pet inventory.

But I have really reavaluated my position on the pandarean monk, wow, he is indeed a power house. I believe I will have a new Favorite when I get into a position to lvl him.

I believe a good team would consist of stuns/traps then a good powerhouse hitter and a good aoe healer.
There are too many counters to the monk in the current meta. I think coming up with original compositions will give you a bigger edge then playing the FotM. I saw your panda but also didn't see Onxia.
Oh- I forgot, I named Onyxian Whelpling to Her Majesty, if that matters.
I never have really took a good look at Onyxia like I just did. Good against aquatic and magic which the Pandarian monk should be able to destroy by himself. If I was gonna suggest a third party I would suggest a good aoe healer. I believe certain crabs are good at this, the gazelle but keep in mind the healer is just there for that purpose to occassionally attack but just basically for his aoe heal so he is primarily a swap out pet. Combined with a good self healer like Clockwork gnome you should be in store for some awesome battles.

Some pets you just want for their traps or stuns or special attacks. Rag is good in that category.
What skills will you be using for those 2 pets?

What about a pet that can cast Call Darkness to Blind enemies? Fury of 1000 Fists will always stun a blinded opponent.
Personally I would find a good elemental pet to counter all the mechanicals out there that people run with. Your monk will counter all the dragonkin, your whelping makes a solid tank with good damage, and you don't run into many humans with dragonkin based attacks (other than a monk, which you can stand toe to toe with your monk if needed.

I mostly run the whelping, father winter's helper (an uncommon pet which has served me very well against mechanicals, but one which I'll probably sub out for a rare elemental once I find one I like at 25. I'm hoping for a rare fel flame), and a maggot, which is my monk counter (33% less damage taken, has a life leech that is strong against humans) and all around tanky pet. I haven't run into any hard counters yet unless they had levels on me, which is no longer an issue. Of course I've lost, but I usually can change my tactics and win the next time (at upper levels you will sometimes fight the same guy 3-4 times).
What skills will you be using for those 2 pets?

What about a pet that can cast Call Darkness to Blind enemies? Fury of 1000 Fists will always stun a blinded opponent.

Problem with this is it also blinds the monk, so he has a good chance to miss the attack. If you want to use a pet with blind, it might be better to use something like a nordrassil wisp (of course you have to be able to trap a lvl 22 pet).
Something tanky like the Magical Crawdad or Shore Crab(also resistant to undead to protect your monk). Or something with a group heal like a Gazelle Fawn or Sheep(also strong against undead to protect your monk).
These are great suggestions, but I'm still undecided.

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