Question about BM hunters.

I've never been one, so I'm trying to learn a bit about them.

I've been told that spirit beasts are the way to go with the pets. I'm trying to find one but apparently the only ones are rare spawns. Is that true? I've looked for 7 or so of them but none are up right now and it's kind of tedious. Are there just regular npcs that are spirit beasts anywhere?

Also, should I have all my pets be spirit beasts or just 1 is fine?
One is fine, it gives a mastery buff and a nice heal, the point of having more than one is for when you stampede that the heal will be x5, but you can get 5 spirit beasts while using stampede with a glyph so there's no point in having more than one spirit beast unless you like collecting them.
Thank you Grosnar :)
Also, I don't think they're terribly hard to find. Certain critters like Loque'nahak, in Sholazar Basin, seem to be highly sought, but I have several spirit beasts, and I'm pretty lazy about going for rares. I came across Banthalos in Mt. Hyjal by accident and got him because some Horde attacked him and died, but then Banthalos was low enough for me to do the tame by then, so it worked out well. If you ever want help with one and catch me online, whisper me. I'll do what I can.
I saw in an arena match yesterday where a hunter had all spirit beasts. He would dismiss one of his pets, cast spirit mend on himself, dismiss, call new pet and repeat. Kind of seemed imbalanced to me.
My biggest problem right now is that everywhere I go to get one, one or two people seem to be camping the same one. I'm considering getting up a couple hours before getting ready for work and seeing how many people are up that early, and hoping one is spawned. But I really don't want to do that more than once or twice.... lol

That's one of the reasons I asked. Several heals seems like the reason everyone is complaining. I'm not big on cheating, but it's in the game, it can't be considered cheating then... why not take advantage while it's there? But I'm having such a hard time snagging any of these guys to tame...
Ghostcrawler is usually up:

He goes invisible every so often, so if you lose track of him keep looking around the area and he'll re-appear.
Ya, I keep 5 pets on me and my Spirit Beast is by far the one I use, I'd say 90% of the time.

I tamed Magria and we're pretty much inseparable since
Spirit Beasts are pretty awesome.

They're even better when you glyph spirit bond.
10/10/2012 01:02 PMPosted by Grosnar
the point of having more than one is for when you stampede that the heal will be x5

Well that's not the reason. At all. Since you can glyph into the same thing with only one SB. The reason alot of hunters are carrying multiple SBs, is that you can dismiss and summon different ones and heal yourself multiple times.

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