Mistweaver pvp

Initial reaction to Mistweaver pvp.

I realize that im not set up optimally in terms of gear/spec/glyphs/enchants/gems.
This is going to take some time.

Seems like the class can bring some great stuff, but what I didnt like, which is spec related,
I didnt really like Chi Torpedo or Charging Ox Wave.

Chi Torpedo replaces Roll, and combines into an AoE type of heal. But I dont like the mini charge to nowhere that is Chi Torpedo, however, I do like the Roll out of the way that is Roll. Combining them...Hmm. It just feels strange. Seems very rigid and kind of unpleasant, and also changes your view perspective, which is annoying at times. Id like to have roll and the aoe seperated. Combining them, I think makes them both less effective in a way. Plus we lose the fun animation Roll all together. May seem trivial, but its a fun animation and its gone if you want to select Chi Torpedo. (maybe theres a glyph, idk)

Charging Ox Wave is a great stun. But I dont like the directional aspect of it because people are never staying in one place in pvp. I think the spell should at least follow the target, because thats primarly whom youre going to want to stun anyway.

I dont plan to keep this exact spec, I will be playing around with talents looking for a more fluid kind of arrangement.

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