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So, I was taking my Undead Priest for a walk in the Vile Reef area of Stranglethorn, and found this:

At first, I thought this was just an odd looking starfish. Then I saw another. Here's an overhead view:

Looks a little like our old pal C'Thun, huh?
It's been discussed before where N'Zoth (or perhaps another Old God) might be located, and I remember Stranglethorn was a suggested place. This is pure speculation, but perhaps this is a clue? Has anyone else seen this besides me?
Unless I'm not seeing what you're talking about, those look like the standard giant starfish models since Vanilla. I guess it might still be a reference, but I'm pretty sure I've seen them in other zones besides Stranglethorn.
I feel as if you need to add Batman to the end of this thread title.

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