DA Tank for challenge modes?

Okay so I guess this is pretty dumb but here goes.

Once I hit 90 I want to experiment with tanking challenge modes. I feel like I have pretty much everything I need to tank (using Soul Link + sacced VW), except Vengeance (and the crit reduction passive other tanks get).

I was wondering if it's really even feasible to do this? I mean, I want all golds, not to just sort of bumble through and maybe get bronze.

My planned setup is something like this:

Stat priority: Mastery >= Stamina >= Dodge > Int > Hit = Expertise > Crit >= Haste

Glyphs: Dark Apotheosis, Dark Soul, Soul Consumption, Carrion Swarm, Hand of Gul'dan (maybe not), vanity glyph/Unending Breath

Talents: Dark Regeneration, Mortal Coil, Soul Link, Unbound Will, Grimoire of Sacrifice, Archimonde's Vengeance

Comments/advice? This is really something I'd like to make happen but I'm worried I'd be too squishy or unable to keep threat.
You almost certainly do not want HoG glyph in a challenge mode, unless your reaction/placement timing is incredibly good. A delay for choosing where to place it is a loss.

We are passably decent tanks with someone healing us and keeping our health high enough to survive random crits. But typically only if we overgear the area. Challenge modes you cannot overgear, and the healer is typically aiming to DPS more than heal.

So really... you would have to try it, but don't have your hopes too high. Running with a Demo tank and Disc Priest might edge up damage enough to beat out some other comps though, so don't discount it right off.

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