40k dps drop

Anyone else have any issues? I've litterally seen almost 30-40k dps decrease
A little context would be helpful...
I can't help you. Maybe you should give detail.

But, what I can tell you, is that you're doing something horribly wrong.
Your gear is obviously broken.
I'm not entirely sure how to describe it, same rotation basis, ST>SS>FS>LL on 5 MS UE>Elemental blast Earth shock if FS is still on target. Same gear, same weapon enhancements, same everything, but for some reason my dps went from averaging 80-90k to where I'm struggling to keep 38k

and no my gear is not broken
Because a 40k DPS drop is totally plausible.

I somehow doubt you were doing around 50k sustained and now struggle to break 10k. Or you were somehow doing 90-100k sustained (you weren't) and are now still doing pretty decent damage.
Maybe he's talking about AoE throughout Heroics, and now that LFR is open, boss level single target.

Edit: With mechanics that cause you to be 'off boss' quite frequently
I was healing feng earlier, my gear broked.

I was wondering why my healing was !@#$ one attempt...
I think your dps meter was broken, and now it's fixed.
Rez sickness?
Pulling 80k dps in a heroic with the 15% boss in a fight that lasts 30 seconds is pretty easy.

Pulling 40k dps in a raid where you aren't enchanted or gemmed sounds about right.
Current content burst phase people will start off at 160-200k. Slowly dropping down to the average of 60-65k using Heroic 463 gears. Mind you this is accounting proper play, gem+enchanted, and using pots on top of food and flask.

And you cannot compared Heroic Dungeon DPS with Raid DPS, cause in Dungeon you get the 15% random buff. And being a shaman, even without other people you would have already gotten most of the major buffs, except 5% stat.

Also do not be too worried about "My damage is close to tank's damage". They are absurd now it isn't even a joke, but you still shouldn't be under their damage, just don't go expecting a 30-40k gap at the end of the fight.
10/11/2012 01:22 PMPosted by Keepin
Pulling 40k dps in a raid where you aren't enchanted or gemmed sounds about right.

You forgot proper reforging for the caps.

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