Can't get Power Auras to load

UI and Macro
title says it all really, for those who assume most people with an issue are just dumb...

I am a day 1 WoW vet, been using addons a long time, I am well aware of how to install them and which folder they go in, thanks.

that being said, Power Auras.... it wont work, the directory seems to be fine, just as its supposed to be, latest version, out of date addons is checked ect, download links from both curse and wowinterface result in the same issue, I log in type /powa and I get "type /help blah blah"

does anyone know if there is a fix for this, or if there are existing issues with power auras?
Does it show up at the character selection screen AddOn menu?
yes it does, the load command does nothing and I cant open the interface for it otherwise
Which version are you using? Do you get any Lua errors (make sure you have them enabled from the Interface > Help menu)?
K im getting Lua errors in power auras I cant load it

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