[H] Clarity 25man 6/16H T14

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Clarity are a progression based PVE guild on Jubei'Thos Horde . We seek allies to solidify our 25man raiding team. Whilst ideally you are able to make the vast majority of our reliably scheduled raid nights, we understand real life takes precedence for some more than others, and welcome highly motivated but time-poor applicants as well. Our guild culture and loot distribution methodology mean you will be both valued and rewarded.

We raid Wednesdays, Thursdays, Sundays and Mondays ( During progression only.) 7PM to 11PM GMT+10 (Server Time).

Loot distributed via EPGP with decay (attendance divided by value of gear you've taken = loot priority, with a weekly drop in accumulated points to prevent hoarding points effectively - this means new members have just as much of a chance at great drops two resets into joining - there is no favouritism, just maths).

What we Expect of our Raiders
You're reliable. You show up for 95%+ of scheduled raids.

You're perseverant. You don't whinge about the dozens of wipes each progression boss is bound to involve. You don't log on 'purely for purples'.

You're prepared. You have best possible gear available to your current situation, you have flasks and potions, you know the encounters (either first hand or via research done on your own time - LFR does not count)!

You execute flawlessly more often than not. This means you move out of the bad things on the ground [almost] always whilst outputting as much (mitigation / healing / damage) as your role requires of you. Everyone makes mistakes. We tolerate very few. You should do the same.

Currently Recruiting
Affliction Lock

If you're amazing, and are starting to get the idea that we are too (well done on being insightful), make yourself known to us via our website (claritywow.com/join) or in-game by whispering Rabukah, Cronnox or Furah.

PS - If the role you love and want to raid as is not currently on the list, please feel free to apply regardless. Exceptional people create their own roles in the real world, and in Clarity this is no different. Convince us that we want you. We lust for talent.
Need more Geared DPS these 30k dps pugs are tiring.
Bump. Updated Current Classes Required.
to the top. Bump for 1/6HM
hey there
LFM exceptional DPS
Looking for resto druid?

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