Combo Point / L90 Anticipation Mechanic Bug?

So I have filed a bug a report in game, not sure by doing so is actually the correct approach. I do want to involve the community and get a little feedback about this situation, possible work around, or if anyone is NOT noticing or experiencing the same issues that I am.

So let's set the environment:

Level 90 Mutilate Rogue (Assassination Spec) with the final tier talent Anticipation.


If you build up 5 combo points in your rotation and then apply Rupture, you will get a full 24 second Rupture bleed.

Now if you were to for instance have 6 combo points (1 in anticipation), and ACCIDENTALLY or otherwise hit Rupture again. You will REAPPLY Rupture with the 1 combo point duration and lose the 24 second 5 combo rupture you applied before.


In old world mechanics you would receive a message saying that there is a more powerful spell already in effect. Which is great!, With the new mechanism you actually stand to lose quite a large amount of DPS if timing isn't absolutely perfect, it is far far far farrrrr less forgiving.

Is this intended? To have a lesser duration rupture to override the more powerful, or longer lasting rupture? Or is this a BUG. At any rate Bug or Intended, PLEASE PLEASE FIX THIS MECHANIC. In high stress environments, critical fights, movement, etc.. to build up my proper rotation this can take away precious seconds I need. Sometimes this mechanic is even less forgiving when you add mechanics like network latency into the picture.

At any rate.


What you're describing is intended. The mechanics were intentionally changed in 5.0.4 so that weaker DoTs (or self-buffs-over-time) can overwrite stronger ones. It's just that much more important now to be careful about spamming buttons -- something you should already be careful of, because if you're spamming Rupture at 6 CP, that suggests you're also spamming Envenom or Eviscerate at 6 CP, which can be about as damaging to your DPS if it makes you hit a second one at 1 CP.

As for bug reports: It's OK to make them in-game, but we do have a Bug Report forum ( ) that should be searched whenever we come across something... yknow, buggy. If nothing comes up, post away. But what you're describing in particular doesn't sound like a bug.
I see,

Well I see what you are saying, however I can't completely understand why they would do this? There are plenty of other factors that could influence accidently using the combo points carried over by anticipation, such as: Network Latency, Hardware Issues, etc.. I mean there are a number of difficult to control and some "god like" (forgive my phrasing) situations where it may just happen by error. At any rate, I generally try and conserve 6 points for a ruture, s & d on the get go if I happen to be lucky enough with procs it really helps me get to full swing much more quickly.

I really enjoy the new Anticipation mechanics but it certainly does add a level of awareness you will need to pay close attention on to prevent accidents, or to ensure you are making best use of this talent, especially to ensure you are topping out your dps.

I think another thing I find frustrating with Rogues right now is the fact I can burst crazy high, and highly variable, between 60-90K dps, but it drops off very quickly and generally normalizes between 38-45K, mechanic, fight dependant of course.

I think I may be trying a new Combat spec, I imagine there are a number of fights were this would be situationally benefiticial. Especially when you see other classes benefiting from AE type damage where there are Addons, multiple mobs, etc.. So many of the fights and bosses you see right now have low uptime and a lot of movement and switching which can really affect my performance.

End Rant.

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