Stories behind the names of your toons?

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Well Hong Meiling is a Chinese Martial Artist Youkai in the game series Touhou.

In fact I think all my toon names at this point are from Touhou.


Yeah... maybe I should think of some new names, heh.
You my friend will fit CHINAAAAA to the T. Maybe including failing to protect the Mansion, AGAIN.
Thokk: D&D 3.5e character, a half-orc barbarian.

Faulte: I kept getting blamed for things and I told them "It's not my faulte!" and made the typo. The word / name kinda stuck with me.

Yaltorden: Good gods I have no idea. I think it was random name generator plus some tweaking.

Tofusin: A character from Brent Weeks' trilogy "The Night Angel". From a mystical land praised for their fighting style.

Blastgear: Gnomish names usually involve Verb-noun, so I rolled with that.

Loslobo: A silly toon based of Los Tiburon from a popular /tg/ post.
Another name for Odin. About it.
i wanted to watch an adult feature my brother and his buddies were watching when we were little. they told me i couldn't unless i danced like the ladies on the specific program titled "g-string divas". my first name begins with an E, hence for the last 16 years i've been known as "e-string".
I always thought Mom named me after a great barbarian (maybe you've heard of him?) but I find out is actually from great great Uncle Cônan Finklestein of the Boston Finklesteins.
Named mine after a type of asian sauce.. yummy.
I was sitting at my desk eating Jell-O; yes Jell-O, lime flavored. I sat there starting to say the word Jell-O over and over in my head, looking up at the fluorescent lighting above me. That's when a light bulb went off in my head and Glow was born.

I have no idea why the two events were related, but that's what happened and I've been a believer of "life is stranger than fiction" ever since.
I used an old school rpg random name generator, and it spat this name at me.

It fit... It was untaken...
I use Google a lot to look up names. You can run a search on Elf names for instance and get quite a nice list of Elvin names suitable for your Blood Elf or Night Elf. I was taking a course on ancient history and found the story of the Sumerians to be fascinating so I decided it would make a good Priestess name.

I can't remember the correct spelling of it, but Enhuduana is a daughter of Sargon, an early conqueror of Sumner. She was a priestess of Ishtar and is listed by historians as the first known female poet. I've used that name. Some names just sort of pop into my head, such as Angerwine, which I'm sure was from some obscure fantasy novel I read many years ago, but I can't recall which one.
i rarely have to explain this name.

Also guildies and random people are less likely to assume im up to no good with this name
2 characters I named are from a web comic I read, Homestuck, so, there's that. The other names I just thought up on the spot.
Xiaolin Showdown
I was reading the Faded Sun series at the time and since Duncan was taken, I tacked on the name of the people who accepted him. He had to be a hunter so he could have his dus at his side.
Draenei are Alien gypsy's with an eastern European accent, I thought this name Fit the concept.

to Dr.Shavargo, I mean no Trolling or disrespect. but thought this might interest you. :D
It's probably the origin of the song.

saw this name on a song i listen to, sounded kinda sinister, so put on my lock.
pronounced dr. shavargo
Most of my character names are based off of personal tabletop RPG characters from many years back, or names that play-off of obscure characters in shows I enjoyed at some point in my life. (Anyone remember the animated “Conan the Adventurer” or Disney’s “Gargoyles”?)

My CM name, however, is a slight alteration of a MUD-type character I ran for well over ten years. Ah… memories. :)

Artemyss (Artemis) Greek deity, Goddess of the Hunt
Vinas - A 'paladin of the rose' from the book series 'Dragonlance'
Vrachka - Bulgarian 'medicine woman' or shaman
Ailenna - Daughter of Baba Yaga, from 'Baba Yaga's hut' (Slavic folklore), Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Dragon magazine dungeon
Hafgan - a druid from the book series, 'The Pendragon Cycle' by Stephen R. Lawhead
LrdSoth (Lord Soth) - a Death Knight (yes, long before WoW) from Dragonlance
Morrganna - (Morgana Le Fay) - the Sorceress from Arthurian legend
Drechx - a monk NPC from the early online CRPG, "Meridian 59" (yes, I played it heavily!)
Sonnia - my only character that isn't based on 'something'!
I was lazy. Plus I really liked the names. All my names come from either Jordan's Wheel of Time, Goodkind's Sword of Truth, or Erikson's Malazan Book of the Fallen.

Ammanas, Apsalar, Aviendha, Berdeine, Cara, Caramordsith, Cotillion, Cynndane, Egwene, Faile, Gaul (mispelled Gual), Gothos, Icarium, Kahlan, Min, Moraine, Myrelle, Nynaeve, Raina, and Sorilea
Koralyn was created from a bit of creative change to a random generated name. This was during Burning Crusade.
I sometime later learn of Koralon when someone asks me if I'm his wife. (Seriously. I was puzzled to no end by that. O_o)

Gerart is a modification on Girault, which possibly came from Geralt, Witcher 2.
The spawning of "Nippy" was a cold day for the world.. A COLD NAME FOR A DEATHKNIGHT OF EBONHOLD'S FINEST FROST DEATHKNIGHTS.
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
WEll, i pretend to be all nice to horde with /Hey, /nod and then.... KILL THE FILTHY BASTARDS

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