Stories behind the names of your toons?

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Rolovis - randomized name for my first ever toon. - a warlock
Shiffter - tauren druid. Nuff said.
Cheapshott - undead rogue. Nuff said.
Deaddoctor - undead priest. Nuff said.
Wolfrik - worgen warrior. Nuff said.
Roloviz - a mage, similar enough to my warlock, so a similar name.
Shing - shaman, no clue why he has that name.
Sesshomaruu - BE paladin, sorta reminded me of Inuyasha's brother. (anime)
Yolovis - Couldn't think of a monk name, so slight variation of my warlocks name.
My original name from day one of this game was Yoth. Switched to a new server and changed it to Yothar. Sounded good to me. OH, shaman

Ethak. Made this one up.. Priest
Xail. Another made one. Mage
Ibla. Seems I don't like standard names. Druid
Jhav. Hunter. Her oldest pet has the other half Illyn
Kangee. Rogue
Gulil Paladin
Ehierl Death Knight... Was thinking of watching My Name is Earl.
10/02/2012 03:51 PMPosted by Vaeflare
Most of my character names are based off of personal tabletop RPG characters from many years back

Pretty much this.
Original, was "AngelofLife" got reported.....
This toons name is my real life name, backwards. Rosa Joy :)
Most of mine are named what they are because the one I wanted wasn't available.
Mine is based off my epic encounter with the random button. Boy I must've clicked that thing damn near 100 times... Good times.
I folded the pages of two books together for this toon...(I was that bored also a main assassin in a book I was writing in school *never finished * /sigh
Mortymyr(troll hunter) I was going through a naming website..(god I'm so uncreative)=.=
Angelus (orc warrior) Drakengard reference
koven ( troll druid) was playing around with the name Kougaiji and found it too long to do much with (my first character was a nelf druid named kouven however he has since been deleted he was made into a nelf hunter which was ALSO later deleted X_X RIP to them)
Celldweller (nelf druid) Favorite Band name <.< >.>
Krasius (belf mage) Im an uncreative hobo and stole it from krasus but added an I *whistles innocently*
Higeki (undead lock) Higeki meaning tragedy in japanese ^^
Yaone(orc shaman) Saiyuki reference
ummmm *derps and fails to recall the last two toons* *afks*
where was I oh yes ._.
Phobia (goblin priest) I didnt think the name would go in with no funny letters BUT IT DID! named cause...fear fear fear fear NEEDS MORE FEAR! bahahhaha (i still suck) -_-
scourgebayne (belf pally) I like the name scourge (was reading Warriors at the time /sigh)
and i like the name Bayne O-o
Arious (undead death knight) Long story short i talked to a demon in a dream and his name was ari ID name is Ari annnnd pretty much everything I do revolves around that name (not obsessed i swear /facepalm of cheeseyness)
(thats all for my velen toons o3o (i think...i feel im missing one though)
My name is Kait.
Panda's like to drink.
'Nuff said.

my ex wifes cat was named loose ...this is a feral druid... its a cat... thats should explain
I like to Dance
Meta - eh just wanted something short for Metamorphosis - Warlock

Cin - My Fursona / name - Hunter

Genobee - Old Armored Core character - Druid

Rinn - My Fursona's evil counterpart :D - Warrior

Adept - The name just fits a Dk so well :P - DK

Loñewolf - XBL gamer tag, and my favored play style :D - Monk

Umbrêon - speaks for it self, very fiting name for a Shadow priest imo. - Already said it.

Null - Armored Core 4 sub character - Mage

Ravemaster - Anime series - Shaman

Roda - don't really remember this one - Paladin

Sol - It means "The sun" - Paladin

Jolteon - speaks for it self - Rogue

Farfromhome - probably one of my favorite songs - Druid
Eyotamaka- tauren druid "superior earth" it's a combination of some native american words/language

Halcyondor- B Elf Hunter- Named after greek mythical kingfisher, focuses on aquatic pets and fishing of course.

Herraskygge- Undead Priest- "Lord Shadow" old norse

Jahhzeus- Troll Shaman- "god king"

Waxtricks- Goblin Mage- I DJ on 1200's
Chamois sounds like shammy. Pretty self-explanatory.
Every character- the randomize button
Something Ive been called since i was a kid, although a little more chill now Lol
well.... bc my name is megan irl :3
Malkmus - Lead Singer/ Guitar Pavement
Spiralstais - Guitar Pavement
Ibold - Bass Player Pavement
Chenzhen - Bruce Lee Fists of Fury
Terrybollea - Hulk Hogan
Vindiesel - Duh
Pilkington - Karl
I had bad internet when i started playing so i didn't want to get kicked from groups because i figured that if i dced, they would give me some slack.

For my paladin named moocowadin well I tried reserving mooadin and cowadin so i combined the two.

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