Stories behind the names of your toons?

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this char's name comes from a collectable miniatures game called mage knight. I had thought about making it a priest since the char's true name is priestess whylune, but I already got 4 priests lol

my druid albernathy is a spelling mistake lol, it was meant to be abernathy from a series of books by terry brooks called landover

and my pally sheen is from a series of books by piers anthony called the adept sreies, she's a naked android who was built to protect the main character
All my character's names are names I created for a fantasy book I'm writing. Mordil also morphed into my internet persona as I use it for pretty much any MMO I play.

He used to be a Dwarf, and still is in my book, but he's morphed into a meta-physical ethereal character of various faces and shards of personality that makes up "Mordil".

Essael - Mother of Eronael, wife of Laeltis

Laeltis - King of Elves

Eronael - Prince of the Elven race

Mordil - King of the Dwarves

All the rest of my toons tend to just be variations using "ael" as I use that system to let guildies know they're my characters, like Braenorael, or Sarael, etc.
Flippin lee - reference to a Tenacious D song called Lee.

Tight jeans - they look nice on some women

Penal code - The word Penal makes me giggle

Milph - yes

Wheel - irl name is Will

Loins - my dads high school nickname

Chin czech - NWA song reference

Bacon hat - bacon is delicious. Hats are nifty.

Tackle box - Dude in guild had a ton of face piercings. I gave him this nickname.
I like epic names like THOR - and I just added the BAUGH. I like his name and everyone in the game just calls me Thor.

I'm great at making up names so rolling toons will be fun.
i named my panda "Osamu" which in Japanese means "Ruler"
i also have a Rogue named "suprise" because they are so damn sneaky in pvp
I have a thing for real names ending in the letter a.


Cynthiâ Draenei palidan

Zeevâ Nightelf mage

Dannica Draenei shaman

Oliviâ Draenei warrior

Celisa Night elf druid

Feeona Draenei hunter

And the 2 that dont fit

Hasrabies worgen rogue, I hope you dont need to ask why shes named that.

Yuying Draenei monk

:edit I forgot the hunter.
The Secret Circle... I've already said too much.
It's my IRL name!

My first character ever was named Ports, and she was a hunter. I didn't understand for so long why people thought I wasn't a hunter. I think ports came from my Neopets username at the time, which was derived from the email address I made at age 11. She has since been renamed Ballerina :P

I have characters name Jezebella and Allectra because they are pretty goddess-like names. Lol.

Australis comes from Aurora Australis (the southern version of Aurora Borealis.) Again I simply thought it was pretty, and it is the name of something gorgeous.

Zivah... because it was pretty. And strong. For my warrior.

Glittery... is... pretty.

And grawr. I thought that was a cute name for a druid :)
I name all my characters after Pokemon

Easier to remember their names I find that way.
I wanted a Pokemon name that wasn't easily recognizable and then changed one letter.
Lumidelle: Kind of looks like my real name, but I knew that it was longer than 1 or 2 syllables and people would give me a nickname. I decided "Lumi" was a good nickname, and it completed with the name Lumidelle.

Babydaddy: My shaman's name in reference to a joke another shaman on my server had.

Rogueybear: Because Yogi Bear. :)

Shnops: My goblin hunter needed a goblin-like nickname. I don't know why I thought of peach schnapps... but she's now Shnops.

Felyne: It sounded pretty.
csectionabort- refrence to my band, caesarean abortion
mourtiss- sounds metal
winsty- rp gnome name (used to be clambake, i was 11 when i made the toon 7 years ago)
The name Seyrena is born from PS1 classics nostalgia - Sey, from Seyfert in Tales of Eternia, and Rena from Rena in Star Ocean 2.
Bwahahahahah BOBBY!
My name is from an incredibly old Icelandic folk tale (I also have an character named Aswid) the story goes like this:

There were once two great Icelandic warriors, Aswid and Asmund. They were not only the greatest of generals, but they were also blood brothers. One of them suggested, as they grew older, that they should make a death pact-- that when one of them died, the other would go to the grave with his friend. They both agreed to this and swore on their blood.

It came to pass that Aswid grew ill and died. All of the people mourned, and there was many days of funeral rites and feasting, to commemerate the fallen hero. True to his oath, Asmund followed his friend to the grave, despite the protests of other close friends and advisors. Asmund was sealed alive in the tomb with the body of his friend and many other tributes to entertain the dead in the afterlife, such as food, horses, Aswid's favorite dog and weapons.

Before Asmund had decided how best to kill himself, Aswid awoke from his death sleep. Rising as a vampire, he first consumed the body of his dog, then of the horses. He then turned his attention on his friend, and attacked him with a demonic fury. Taking up a sword, Asmund fought off his former friend.

Some three hundred years later, several daring young men set off to the tomb of the famous warriors. Despite warnings of the tomb being haunted, and of the religious implications of disturbing the dead, the brave young men went to the grave and opened it. Hearing sounds of struggle, one man volunteered to go down into the tomb. Lowering him on a rope, he went down to investigate. The friends called to him after several minutes, then were met by a great tug on the rope. They pulled the rope up, only to find an old-fashioned armored warrior at the end of it. Trying to catch his breath, Asmund told them of the story of Aswid rising as a vampire and trying to kill him. He had been fighting for his life for three hundred years, and had succeded only when the young man had appeared, offering a distraction. With that, he fell over dead. The young men, realizing the bravery of the warrior Asmund, buried him in the tomb with full honor, their companion beside him. They took the decapitated body of Aswid out and burned it, scattering his ashes to the wind.
i played alot of kingdom hearts and when i was 7 i realised that the org 13's names were anagrams of their real names with an x in it, so i chose one of the lesser known members and tried to figure out their real names, hence my warlock lenrae
Treydor - Named after Anarchy-Online profession Trader.
Mine's from a webcomic called Hockey Zombie, I don't think it's up anymore. Anyways, one of the characters walked around going "NERT NERT NERT" once or twice and for some reason it was hilarious.

Then there's Peetle, I named him after my pipe.
I think I made Braxt quite awhile playing wow and have made many characters for different games useing it. I believe I just made it up myself staring at the character name creation screen I always thought it sounded kinda cool.

Airoch = Eric my RL name I got the nick Airoch back in highschool.

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