Stories behind the names of your toons?

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Aestus(warrior)- Latin word for waves crashing against cliff's in a storm. So a variant word for fury.

Sherincal(priest)- Named after the half blue dragon in Icewind Dale 2

Aizagora(Warlock)- Named after the red dragon in Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance 2

Phelegthon(DK)- Variation name for one of the rivers in Hades.
Caruso - Old character in an Amber tabletop RPG from like 10 years ago. Think the Old Spice guy as a redheaded Italian actor.
Deverill: it was originally my priest, but now it is the shaman. It is from a Harry Potter book, The Tales of Beedle, the bard. Loxias Deverill was the last know wizard that owned the Elder Wand, prior to its rediscovery by Dumbledore.

Spellman (warlock): also from Harry Potter, and a common surname.

Spellgirl (mage): fits with Spellman lol

Hyperyon (priest): a greek deity of the light and the night. It would fit with the holy/shadow priest thing.

Hyperaction (hunter): it matches with Hyperyon, plus it is my personification in game, as I am kinda hyperactive myself!

Hypatia (monk): an egyptian philosopher and scholar from the early christian era. For me, scholars = monks, so...

Emrysa (druid): i addapted it from Emrys, which is Merlin in the druidic language, from the UK Merlin TV show.

Syrio (rogue): from the Game of Thrones tv show and book series, a fighter and teacher that excelled at swift, bladed combat.
growing up i loved the neverending story movie my other game tag is bruce, like bruce wayne bruce banner bruce campbell all full of awesome
The name of my Beta panda. After 30 or so attempts to use one of my regular names or variants, I typed Glipzorb. And when I tried to roll an ally, it seemed like a good re-use.
My initial naming theme was characters from the Star Wars extended universe - Falynn, Mirax, Winter, Asyrre (had to tack a couple of extra letters onto that one), Rhysati, Jesmin, and Myri.

After that, I ran out of decent SW names (or wasn't able to get the ones I wanted).

- My BF named my druid, Mahren - chosen just because it sounds appropriately Tauren-y, I think.
- Rogue - Kelsier - is named after a character in Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn trilogy.
- Warrior - Miralynn - an amalgamation of my two mains' names.
- DK - Fiona - named after my favorite tabletop RPG character.
- Monk - Zydeko - named after a song from Cirque du Soleil's Quidam.
The name of my first toon is a Rhainne. All the other spellings of that name were taken. It seemed to the warrior at the time. It was followed by Fireraven a human rogue. I wanted ravenwood after an AD&D character I had, but all most all names with raven in were taken. After that came:

Hellaat, Dr mage (generated)
Zon, Dr pally (I just liked the name)
Hellsgate, BE mage
Denjin, BE lock (two names put together)
Inu was a Dr warrior now a W druid
another Rhainne on another server this time a lock
Wrayan came from a trilogy by Jennifer Fallon
Wardrick, BE DK (was a mispelling)
Ravenbear, a black T druid (this was before the bear color change)
Snowcream, a white T hunter (it was winter and we had just made some snow cream to eat)
Sunspark, BE mage and Sholar, BE priest were based on a character in a story
Blackbarque, W hunter (it was a play on spelling that I liked only to find someone else had seen the name during the beta and took it.)
Badwasabi, Troll hunter. (wasabi was a name suggested by a friend and what else could be called wasabi but a troll)
HoungFa, Panda monk (play off a friends toon.)

There are a couple more but those are the ones I visit from time to time.
I choose this name because I really don't like talking in vent / mumble.
Vapula/Naphula- A powerful Great Duke of Hell that commands thirty-six legions of demons. My warlock is named Vapula.

Arazel- Just a play on Aragorn. It's my warrior's name. Used it in my first MMO too.

Seiunchin- Name of a karate kata. "Attack, conquer and suppress." My monk's name.

The rest of my character names are mostly random generated names.
Osiria - I took it from Osiris. She basically grew up in a desert and have other traits related to such things, so I thought would be cool to make a name out of something egyptian.
I hit bear form instead of flight form as i was about to jump off the edge of a cliff in shadowmoon valley. Seemed like a good day for a name change.
My name's Matthew ._.

Lack of imagination, hooo

I named one of my toons after myself too. xD

As for the rest of my toons.

Shaman was named after the Finnish word for "murder" (cre8iv i no rite)

Hunter was named some... irish stuff.

This toon was made during an emo phase where I liked cold and dark stuff, and made poems about winter...

Two of my troll chicks have Maori names.

And I named my paladin after the all-mighty Maisey Rika.
I table-top game, my paladin's name (Gerinn) is a variation of a character I played for a short time. This guy though? I used this name all the time playing RPGs, and it was only recently that I discovered that if you reverse it, it's "Sugared." In any case, I like how it sounds. (Dare-uh-giss)
I named my character as a homage to my favorite filmmusic composer Alan Silvestri. I also named my pet Alan so it reads - "Alan Silvestri's Pet".
A pun on Sandra Bullok :) - who's a beauty by the way

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