Stories behind the names of your toons?

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Random name generator, y'all.
This is based on my pally's name. Velvina. I don't remember where I came up with it. I just liked the sound of it.

Some of my other toons are based around Zuluna, which I believe was a random name that I really liked. (Zuluna, Zuuluna, Zulæna)

My mage Viria was just a name that I thought sounded cool. Sometimes I just type random letters till something good pops up :P

My hunter Callaiya was another random name generation with a couple letters changed.

My rogue is Ayanna. That's just a name I use for my characters on a lot of fantasy games.

My druid Happylolz is kinda self explanatory :P I was happy, and I lol'd.

My new monk Katyra was another random with a letter changed :)
This character is named after Nitta Sayuri from Memoirs of a Geisha.
A shinigami OC named Maylene

It was already taken on this server so I added an i
Aspira - sort of smash two things together: "Asprika" and "Respira". Asprika is an item in RO, and Respira is a form of a word that means "to breathe".
Agrina - the name of my dwarf in Lineage II. WoW's female dwarf didn't fit the tone I had envisioned for the character, so...

Sevalis - this one I made up entirely on my own

Bethla - took it from the mistranslated name of the fort in FF Tactics (was called Bethla Garrison in the original PSX release. Forget what they called it in the PSP version)

Tysha (female draenei DK) - deceased wife of Tyrion Lannister

Sammo (male pandaren monk) - named after Sammo Hung, one of the more impressive big men in kung fu movies

Denbo (female pandaren shaman) - the third fusion character introduced in Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. *shrugs* it made sense at the time...
Juststabd: looks humerous for about five seconds with a myriad of titles

Durthnok: Random name generator plus "k" at the end.

Parentheses: first thing I saw when I looked at my keyboard. Noamed my panda that.

Durthnokk: DK RP continuation of durthnok
Most of my character names are based off of personal tabletop RPG characters from many years back, or names that play-off of obscure characters in shows I enjoyed at some point in my life. (Anyone remember the animated “Conan the Adventurer” or Disney’s “Gargoyles”?)

My CM name, however, is a slight alteration of a MUD-type character I ran for well over ten years. Ah… memories. :)
Hit Randomize.

saw this name on a song i listen to, sounded kinda sinister, so put on my lock.
pronounced dr. shavargo
No real story to this name, most of my characters have some sort of story to it though.

This name I just liked.
10/02/2012 02:42 PMPosted by Ignatowski
i'm nervous to share with people, even my close friends in my guild, for fear of being called weird.
"called" weird .... hell, BE weird! But I've been that way all my life, I have no idea what "normal" is and I'm afraid I would find it boring.

(hey! how did my avatars get switched?)

ahh i do not mind being weird sometimes, but sometimes my social disorders get the better of me and i end up feeling so awkward and ashamed, hence the hiding until i can get a better grasp of it and it all written down privately.
I tried getting the name Valius but...taken :(
I was hungry
I wanted a theme to my names and I like chai tea and lattes. On this server I took Chaitea, Cinnachai, and Vanillachai as well. I also have some toons I use for rp outside of WoW. Knadia (Wanted Nadia, so the K is silent, like knife). Then there is Naydeen...another toon I use for RP outside of WoW, and a few others. :)
its two words in one,

from malay to english: suci means holy and cahaya means light
so holylight

and my resto shamans is reusantieke which means giant ancient in afrikaans
10/02/2012 03:51 PMPosted by Vaeflare
Disney’s “Gargoyles

I love you.

So much.

Which one did you copy pasta?

And as for me, all my toons are "Baal" (personal favorite Goetic demon) and some Angel or Demon that goes with what they are. Priest named Baalraphael, DK named Baalazriel, this lock Baalsamael, and my bank toon, Baalmammon.
When I made this character I had a serious cold, and "Koffen", "Coughin"...teehee!
I was a Guide back in the days when EverQuest had them, and "Rainwhisper" was my guide's name. I've used it in a lot of other places, but I'm pretty sure that was the first time I used it online. It just sounded very "Druidy."

I use it so much now that I finally bought (.com is not for sale, I tried).

Eventually I built most of my other characters' names off of it: Rainsong, Rainshadows, etc.

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