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When I made a monk I wanted to to name it something that had a meaning, so, I went old fashioned and looked to google translate. When I thought of a monk I thought "wisdom" so I typed that in and "Mingzhi" means "wise" or "wisdom" in chinese:)
I am mistaken about how quirky and hip I think I am.

But typically, I try to pick normal, or at least concurrent, sounding names.
I wanted a name that sounded subtly spooky but which could have been a surname in the old Lordaeron days. To me, Ashcroft fits the bill.
I use:

All of my Avatars, minus my Bank alt Rainbo, are all Japanese or Chinese inspired. I took real Chinese or Japanese names and took the sound (pronunciation) and added a couple names together or created my own from the sound of the real name.

*Hengcho is 2 Chinese names of Heng and Cho.
*Mukeshi I made up, took the male Japanese name Masumi and made it my own variation.
*Rainbo because she's a Female Troll Druid and her cat form is colorful like a rainbow.
*Kotojaki combines 2 Japanese names and made my own from Kuro (koto) Jaki (Junichi).
*Chinsu takes Chinese Chen (Chin) and Ru (su) and made my own sound.
I named a number of my characters after locations in Final Fantasy XI. That game happens to have some great "fantasy" type names that you generally don't hear elsewhere. Like I have a "Giddeus" and a "Feiyin" and a "Xarcabard".

This particular character is named after a tsukemen restaurant in Hiroshima that I love that has very spicy soup, though.

One of my other main characters is named "Sasameyuki" after a favorite book of mine.
Actually for this toon I wanted to name her Honeybee but it was already taken. So I went with the alternate choice of Honeypot. Its basically my sweet tooth love for honey, both ingame and IRL.

Infact, majority of the names I choose revolve around sweet things.

Honeynut, Honeyglaze,Beehive,Keylime..
Life in plastic, it's fantastic.
Alot tend to be old D&D characters, or Random names, this one however was.... My brothers character in reverse. He was Talcor.
Raeyn was named after a character named Raeynyn of Hartwood from a screenplay a few friends and I wrote in High School.

My druid Noxri is named after Nox who is the Greek goddess of the night. Since she is a night elf and turns into a midnight blue cat I thought it would be fitting, but it was taken. So she became Noxri, which I'm thinking I now like even more. :)
All my characters went through a phase when I was Alliance on Stormrage for a short time where they were all named Lemon____. My Paladin was Lemondrops, had Lemonshots, Lemonpie.. etc. I like lemons.

This character..I saw a can of !@#$aki mushrooms and kind of went off that.
My Hunter (Financial) = random word.
My Druid (Katybeary) = Katy Perry, harhar.
My Warlock (Heartsafire) = wanted something to do with fire.. Yea.
My Priest (Phyra) = I had that name forever on this Paladin, just kind of.. recycled it.
My Rogue (Baconie) = I like bacon?
My DK (Eatmopie) = .. self explanatory ^^
My Mage (Cakemaker) = Chef Cakemaker - wish I could get the title 'Salty' tehehe
My Shaman (Soshara) = play on a random name generator name
My Warrior (Gin) = rolled it with my boyfriend who made an HPally named Tonic

Still have some Alliance on Stormrage with a variety of lemon names, and some on KT with a variety of 'shooga' names.
Chrysus: The Greek God of gold. (So not a whole lot of story, just prior knowledge)
I named my first hunter Jenro, was after something fantasy. This was back in vanilla on a PVP server and felt like hunting people down.
So from Star Trek the Hirogen Hunters came to mind, shuffled that around a bit until I came up with Jenro.
Other characters were just random made up, Vicbita my warrior tank, liked to drink. (Victoria Bitter for you non Aussies)
Come BC I wanted the “flavour of the month” pally tank, single target tanking was very hard with the warrior the way the game was heading.
So I figured another tank, but he can take on 24 so Slabovic was born (We Aussies call a case of beer a slab, Slab of Vic Bitter) well, I liked the reference.

I had a lot of Serbian people asking me if I was Serb because of my name… lol.
I'm a mortician by trade, and a trocar is the instrument we use to pierce the vital organs for injection and aspiration of cavity fluids when embalming. What better name for a rogue?
The majority of my character names are created for that particular character in WoW; I don't often take names from other places I've used them, or from existing series. There are only a few exceptions. :) I seem to favor names with "S" sounds at the beginning of their names, perhaps because my real name begins with S. :D

I have way too many characters to list, but I'll list the characters I play most:

Cerylia (my main here) - found on a "fairy name list" somewhere on the internet. Supposedly means "sea bird" but have no idea what language or source that is from (is it fairy language? lol). I thought it was a pretty name, and the supposed bird meaning kinda went with the theme of phoenixes that blood elves have.

Serisyna (my undead and human priests) - a play off the name "Serafina." I wanted something elegant and almost princess-sounding.

Synnora (my blood elf paladin) - I originally came up with the name for my Clavat character in Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles years ago. She ended up becoming a sort of healer character (as my sister played a Liltie character who would always rush into battle), so I used the name for my Holy paladin.
Just was like hey WoW I can't think of a name. They gave me a random name, which happens to be my name plus Neeger. Odd right.
Doomgaze - Fairly Elusive Final Fantasy VI boss.
Dodecahedron (my Rogue) - 12-sided polyhedron...d12 is an example
Vanquish (my Warrior) - means to defeat something
Naus (my Mage) - shortened from Nautilus
Chaosad (my Priest) - Chaos was taken
Sarcasm (my Shaman) - Yeah, sarcasm.
Enticement (my Hunter) - Entrapment was taken
Nymphetamine (my Warlock) - Cradle of Filth song, one of my all time faves.
Sumgai (my Panda Monk) - Pronounced 'some guy'. Yeah, a play on the Chinese naming conventions.
I was trying to come up with a name for my Blood Elf Hunter, right before BC launched.

Came up with "Zisharu".

Later, made my paladin and dropped the "aru".

I like my name.

(It's too bad it was taken on this new server, though.)
The first time I ever played a game that allowed you to make your own characters was Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber back when the N64 was the sh!^. I made a Knight and originally named him "Dagas" while my friend made his own character a Puppet Master. When my dad came in and saw our characters, that's when he explained to me that the name was actually "Degas" and who he was. Since then, I've always used that name as my main character in almost every game I play.
I was (and still am, apparently) a moderater of a MUD. Once upon a time I created an area and a story to go along with it, in which the player progressing through the area played the part of the hero.

I named him Rijda (for no apparent reason) and the name has stuck with me forever since then. Most of my alts have been Rijda or variations thereof.

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