Stories behind the names of your toons?

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Kirisame: I wanted a name for my monk from an East Asia language. I had studied Japanese in college, but I was leaning toward finding a Chinese word. But, nothing I tried in Chinese quite worked for me, mostly due to the need for special accents on letters to write the words properly.
So, I turned to Japanese. I had a word all picked out but it didn't sound too good as a name. Then I remembered the word for my favorite type of weather, misty, drizzly rain, kirisame 霧雨 and that's what I went with.
Sadly, when googling Kirisame all I get is boatload of some anime witch character. So, people probably think I'm some sort of anime freak. But, eh, probably would have been the case with any Japanese word used for a name.
Spanner: Another name for a wrench. Seemed appropriate for a goblin engineer.
Lilirain- A mix of my daughters first and middle names.

Wayn- randomly generated and my RL name

Saurkhan/Durokhan ect.- The mixing of an important horde characters name and Ghengis Khan. I only use this naming convention when naming orcs.
I am mistaken about how quirky and hip I think I am.

But typically, I try to pick normal, or at least concurrent, sounding names.

An ex-member in my guild somehow managed to get all the normal names, like Natalie and Summer and i have no idea how.
Either she gets real lucky with GMs or i don't know, cause i never get the names i want even if the toons are level 1 and i put in a ticket for it.
A large number of mine are in old norse

Blarbrandr = Black Blade. Death Knight
Wodanaz = Proto germanic version of Odin. gobo shammy
Adalbrandr = Noble Blade. Dwarven pally.
Wælcyrge = Old english version of Valkyrie. Belf Death Knight
Rikve = goblin priest. Rich Priest
Alfdis = Belf priest. Elf Priestess
Sigulf = Victory Wolf, warrior
Hrafnhildr = Battle Raven. Undead rogue
Loekee = Loki. Undead Lock
Ulfhethinn = warrior, translated to Wolf Pelt or wolf fur. The Old Norse term úlfheðinn as a common noun is also used to refer to the "wolf-skins" or berserker warriors.
Birla = Panda monk. female diminutive version of Bera, or Bear.
Rúna = Belf Mage. Secret, hidden knowledge.

Non-norse related:
Lhaw = Belf Pally. Brother has Kaeyoss
Brucewayn = Troll Druid. Nuff Said.
Corvincorvae = Name I created years ago. Belf hunter. Originally my warriors name prior to server xfer
Corvendor = Corv's Vendor. Mage. Old server, all my toon names were Corv-something
Fükitöl = worgen lock. Another server, was pissed off, decided to go create a toon that I could play when I got tired of people asking me to do things.

Edit: was posted under Runa, but it wasn't showing up, so when I reposted under this toon, I deleted original
those are some fascinating names! I love when people choose names that mean things. Most of my Spirit Beasts are named something in Japanese.

EDIT: Oh snap. I responded to the wrong post. My apologies.
In my favorite book there was a character named 'Veil' I really liked. I changed the spelling and started using Vail as my internet name. All of my online accounts names is Vail or some variation. I've used it for quite a few years now. I was very happy when I got the name freed up to use on WoW.
Kagomi - 'cause I loved the anime , Inuyasha, not to mention the original, Kagome, meant mirror, and I thought that was kind of cool.
Cherrysong - She loves cherries. And singing.
Chesila - I played around with Cherry for a bit, hence that name.
Starrlove - ...I really have no explanation.
Tygerbloom - Wanted a sort of feral/resto name.
Aerphine - Friends were doin' this thing with same names and such, they're the creative ones.
Leafpool - Booksies.
Ravené - I just loved the way it sounded, originally she was suppose to be my human rogue, but later I decided a paladin.
...Many alts ftw.
Lethoura: yeah, but half my friends can't pronounce the names...old guild leader called my rogue Hrafamaraf, or Hugh Hefner depending on how he felt :P Wodanaz got shorted to Wod, or woody once...

I've yet to hear someone try pronouncing Wælcyrge though. At least I'm not using Welsh...
Lethoura: yeah, but half my friends can't pronounce the names...old guild leader called my rogue Hrafamaraf, or Hugh Hefner depending on how he felt :P Wodanaz got shorted to Wod, or woody once...

I've yet to hear someone try pronouncing Wælcyrge though. At least I'm not using Welsh...

Thowra gets butchered on a daily basis, i feel your pain.
I get people spelling it wrong all the time...even if they can see my name right there in a Livestream chat or something.
I'd only just got around to watching Gladiator 8 years ago when I created the original Baneus and I was going for a vaguely Romanesque name. Since he's now retired to manage a bank in Dalaran, I promoted his successor to Prime status.

There's also a lowbie human monk running around called Baneusson.
before i started playing wow i was deeply into graffti so i named a lot of my toons off of people i knew who tagged like Heckno Zoger Rifol Grose and others , vyn was a randomized name
made this 3 years ago on xbox live account kept it eversince. Also it's fun getting called ugo and having my name chanted when I'm soloing the boss which is on the verge of death.

Ugo Ugo Ugo, Also some titles work with it.
Kukulcan -> Troll priest, named after the mayan sky serpent god. first character i ever made on a trial account, spent hours thinking of a name for him

Quetzacoatl -> Troll shaman, named after the aztec version of kukulcan :D was just an added bonus that he shoots lightning like quetzacoatl from FF VIII

Kukulcoatl -> Troll druid, just a half'n'half of my other trolls names

Bloodmoth -> undead rogue, ok this name comes from when i was trying to make my first battlenet account way back when i was playing warcraft 3, as a 15 year old i was trying to think of the most badass name, but chaoslord, dark awesome knight and all that stuff was already taken, so i tried blood wolf, blood lion etc but all the cool animals were also taken.
I settled on moth eventually, but over time it grew on me, especially since nobody ever reserves that name.

Aurgelmir -> Belf death knight, named after a frost giant in norse mythology, he was originally going to be a troll but i like my trolls wearing robes and transmog wasnt around at the time

doralamuna -> Belf pallidan, couldnt think of a decent name so clicked randomize. regretted it ever since, everyone calls me dora in dungeons -_-

Angantyr -> Orc warrior -> The name of a infamous norse berserker

Pruflas -> Belf warlock -> A Goetic demon prince who is seen as a flame outside the tower of babel and promotes wars and discord. felt fitting, i wanted a blood mage at the time

souxie -> Undead mage -> only female character i ever made. named after souxie and the banshees, banshee as in undead. yeah.
Back when Power Rangers In Space came out(I was 7) and Zhane was introduced, I loved the name. I did a lot of make believe stories with friends growing up and Zhane was always my name. So I kept going with it. I use it with just about everything game related anymore.
I figured this character's name was Jay, and Scrubjay is a nickname from earlier years.
I used to be a dwarf, and I just thought if a dwarvish-sounding name on the spot. I race-changed to Gnome (the superior race) and thought that it would still work.

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