Stories behind the names of your toons?

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Scrubjay alt here.

Having spent many years IRL working with large mammals, the name Splinterhorn came from a bighorn sheep ram I worked with many years back. It seemed like a good name for a tauren.
Before they were Coheed & Cambria, they were Shabutie. I didn't like that spelling, so my toons tend to be variations of Shabooty/i/ie.
Spiral is my favorite marvel universe character :)
I named Emerik after someone from a good series of books. anyone guess which series?
All my characters are named after Ratatat songs not counting my DK.

I named him Febelaas because at the time this character(Which was the one that I hit 55 on) was named Febelas. I got it from the Solio Febelas in one of the Dragonlance books. I thought it was fitting for a paladin because it was the hall of sacrilege or something similar. Basically an underwater vault filled with holy relics from all of the known gods at the time.

Eventually I changed this character to fit the name scheme. Luckily I filled up my roster before they made that annoying change that disallowed accents on names.
My little brother had just started playing on my dad's account and, because he liked to feel powerful, he used my dad's Death Knight access to make one named "Frawkhawk", after the character from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.

My name is a mutation of that.
They still allow accents lex O.o me and my sister have been using them. i made Howl after they supposedly changed that.
Hrm, well I've been writing a fanfiction for a while, and I was trying to come up with a name for (my story idea was quite different than what I'm going with now) a blood elf ret pally who falls in love with a human girl and kills her father for what he's done to her.

So after looking for quite a while I stumbled upon a name I liked that seemed to fit. Apparently it's another name for a masculine goddess of death, war and slaughter. I added a bit of flare that made it sound more "elfy", and fell in love with it.

Quite ironic considering I now consider him to be all that is holy, a loving protector of the innocent. Amazing how things evolve.
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I named Emerik after someone from a good series of books. anyone guess which series?


there's also an Emeric in Hell House

Atherton! this guy gets a cookie! (::)
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They still allow accents lex O.o me and my sister have been using them. i made Howl after they supposedly changed that.

Really? I haven't tried since I had all my characters named already but I just assumed they were disallowed because of all the ruckus on the forums when they supposedly made the change.
Purrplegrrl (Mage) - First Horde toon - Favorite color is purple and I'm a girl...I know not original!

Doby (Hunter) - Harry Potter reference

Noral (Pally) - WoW auto generated name

Shoulderpad (DK) - Was stumped on what to name the DK, so I kept staring at it and realized the toon had shoulderpads

Yinzz (Shaman) - My hometown is Pittsburgh, PA so it's a local reference (Pittsburgh's version of ya'll)

TedSheckler (Warlock) - I am a fan of Opie and Anthony/Jim Norton - from their radio show

Lilyimmy (Rogue) - Opie and Anthony reference again

Chippa (Monk) - Opie and Anthony reference one more time

Chucky (Druid) - From the horror movie

Wel (Warrior) - Tried to get a WoW auto name again, but wasn't having any luck, so I kept deleting letters till this one took.

Zonky (Priest) - Just sounded weird as a priest name
This Toon: Had a Larp character the year I started playing WoW. The Character was a tweeked version of a personal character but had no name. I went threw a couple of names trying to find the right one and then I found a quote from Hamlet about Yorrick. So I used it for the Larp. Turns out I was a hit. So in honor I guess, of a job well done on a character I've been working on for years, I decided to give my first and main WoW toon the same name.

Every so often in Trade I seem to know someone ;).

Tauren Shamman: Schneider, Drummer form Rammstein and meat ref xD

Worgen Hunter: Till, Singer from Rammstein (I don't knwo but the bulk just made me think of the singer /shrug)

Belf Pally: Bloodstrider, Last name of my Dk, kinda made him the Father xD what my friends and I make back sotries for !@#$s and giggles

Pandaren Warrior: Hanso, old oooold online name. Pretty much Scorpion's real name from MK.

and I'll stop there for now xD
Dwarves have beards, Warlocks have chaos, Chaosbeard.
I clicked the Random Name button until I got this name.
Drualockadin - An old friend that used to do arena would get a little too upset... "You know what Blizzard? NO! NO! Imma just go roll a Drualockadin and win the entire game."
April 24, 2000~ Ruins of Kunark was released for EverQuest.

I fell in love with monks watching a friend of mine play one in 1999, but hated that humans were night blind, so I waited impatiently for ROK to release to make an iksar monk. Day of release, I am at the character select screen trying to come up with a name. Starting clicking through the random name generator for inspiration. Saw this 9 letter gibberish name with xiri in the middle. It caught my attention enough that I erased everything around those letters and hit submit.

Thus Xiri, the monk, was born. Xiri Sleekscale, to be exact. Xiri may no longer have scales, but she still has a tail. lol

When I saw that the name was still available on my alli server, I had to have it again for my monk to live on.

One thing I have always wondered about, tho, was who on the BC dev team was in my guild way back when in EQ. I was floored seeing Xi'ri outside of BT & 2 other of my toons names from EQ floating around in Shat.
"Rude Mood" is the best Stevie Ray Vaughan song of all time!
Liryn is a re-spelling of the English version of the Bleach character Ririn. I don't actually watch Bleach or know who the character is, but I like the name.

Lirrin used to be a blood elf rogue, but at some point I decided I didn't like rogues and deleted her. Later when I rerolled Alliance, I reused the name and I've become rather fond of it.

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