Stories behind the names of your toons?

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Almost all of my characters come from the book series Redwall. My tanks are either Badgers or Abbots. I saved the name Brocktree for almost a year, he being my favorite badger.
Cosantoir is the basic realm rank for a hibernian character in DaoC. Skiltvakten was taken.
Mokenuf (Druid): It's a name I made using a software called "EBON" (Eternal Book Of Names) at first it came out as Mokneuf but I switched some letters arround.

Vëcna (Undead Priest): Vecna is the godess of shadow in D&D.

Devona (Death Knight): Typical blood elvish name had to sound similar to her sister's.

Varianna (Paladin): Typical elven based name, sounds similar to her sister's.

Gokkash (Warrior): I wanted a strong sounding orchish name.

Uhla (Shaman): Somewhat orc sounding kind of not strong name.

Katzine (Hunter): At first I wanted it to be Kat'Zin because she was a troll but as I couldn't use symbols and Katzin was taken I added the e.

Vekuh (Rogue): I wanted this one to sound shadowy and funny with a jamaican accent.

Segath (Mage): The best fantasy-human-ly name I could come up to for an Undead.

Snookì (Warlock): It's a warlock, it's a goblin and a clear reference to the Jersey Shore girl (which is kind of a goblin/warlock too).

Zhìyù (Monk): Google Translate told me that that's the chinese word for Heal.
My character's names are somewhat random.

Snoww - I really like snow and winter is my favorite season. I also loved Northrend and I think it fits the DK theme.

Rastadruid - Resto druid that is a troll pot head

Decaey - I have a friend named Decay and I leveled a warrior with him and I figured he would get a kick out of it.

Oliverrocket - I always thought that it would be a cool name for my future son (Oliver Rockett ____)

Hottoepicker - Foster's Home for Imaginary friends episode. "Hot in Topeka"

Semperfideli - Good name for a priest because it means "Always Faithful" and I have some Marines in my family. I originally tired for semperfidelis and after I made the character I realized it cut off the "S."

Pandaraine - My girlfriend's middle name is Raine and it sounds like Pandaren

Others are just random or sound class related - Daedpool (lock), Nipsahoy (hunter), Hopeless (DK), Healingraine (Shaman and see Pandaraine)
Let's see...with this toon, I was just trying to think of something different. I Love Lucy happened to be on, so I thought Desi....then added the rest.

Most of my other toons are taken from Star Trek, books, old television series (I have a toon named Enik - points if you know what that's from) or I run through the random name generator and combine parts of ones that I like.
I wanted a "funny" Worgen name and I had the phrase "oh god beeeeees!" in my mind. Thus, Ohgodfleas was born.
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Nautical terms that I smashed together.
If you know what i mean..

Ladris- Smashed the random Name button until it worked
Mathellum- smashed matthew and Vellum together.
A book I read quite a while before I created my character had a character in it called Odris. I was attempting to use that name when I failed and ended up with Odras instead and it just stuck.
My first character ever was Cybeles, the name came from a mispell! :D I took the name from the GBA game Golden Sun. I replayed it a few months after creating her and noticed that the summon was actually named Cybele and was a huge orange toad. :( (I had thought it was a goddess-like character...)

I then went on to making characters with a variation of Cybeles (Cybelesia, Cybelesi, Cybelesa) then started actually naming my characters.

Keryna - I liked the sound of it. (Hunter)
Sizzlie - For a Destruction warlock, I thought it'd fit, since I made things go "fizzle". (Warlock)
Osenia - I was looking for a water-y themed name for a frost mage. (Mage)
Nefti - I liked the sound of it too. (Priest)
Xeleria - I'll admit, I was playing Kingdom Hearts 2 and Birth by Sleep by then, I went with the "Take a name, scramble the letters and put an X in there" theme. (Paladin)
Morho - Made the whitest female worgen I could make and named her after the wolf mother in Princess Mononoke. (Rogue)

Zefyra's my latest, I wanted a name that was wind themed! (I was Enhancement at the time, and still kind of fits with lightning and stuff...?) (Shaman)
Portafoy - From the pilot episode of Night Gallery, "The Cemetery" segment.

Pataskala - The name of the city I live in. It's originally the Native American name for the Licking River meaning "Bright Waters".

Bernadine - My middle name

Woozle - My husband has a toon named Heffalump

Belmeade - The name of the model of our house.

Shorthorne - My first toon and a tauren hunter started way back in vanilla. My husband has one named Tallhorne. When we were expecting our first, we took a screen cap of the baby tauren in Nagrand and put "Babyhorne" over it.

Bagette - Bank alt that is similar to my husbands bank alt, Bagorc.

I've had a few other random alts over the years, but these name are always the ones I fall back on.
Towpok - Dwarf Hunter main. Short and stout, like the food item he's named after. Towpok eventually became a name I would use on every MMO main since...

Chowtowpok - Smellier version of Towpok.
Lilania (dk); I was on a DA kick and love Liliana's name, so instead of taking the whole name, I sort of... just took one letter out :P. She was originally supposed to be a Nelf, but decided on a worgen last second.

Lïthium (mage); Lithium - Evanescence <3 The song just sort of stuck in my head.

Saowyn (shaman); It was taken from two names I found in the Random name gen, I just kind of stuck them together.

Rebekah (pally); Half Vampire Diaries kick, and- okay just the vampire diaries. Rebekah is my favorite, well one of them. Snotty Vampires <3

Nightshadara (hunter); Laziness lol random name generator.

These are my (main) characters.
I like to use real world fantasy-esqu names.

Leah, Sorya, Gwenyver all fall into this category.

I also will use names inspired by history or mythology.

Akrotiri, Dessna, Dydo and Syf would fall into this.

Then finally, I'll use names that sound fitting for the given race or class Im making.

Buzzle(Goblin Mage), Noctara(Night Elf Hunter), Nymthia(Night Elf Warrior)
Mine is chinese for watermelon.

And I'm black so...


Names that mean things (especially food) are the best.
My original name was against terms of service so I stuck a silent 'w' in there
I am a gunslinger from the Mojave Wasteland. I'm sure you'll be fair and equitable, boss.
I was playing a game with my friend and we were talking about companies (I dont know why). I said Fat Company and we were cracking up for about 15 minutes. Thus... Fatico was born!

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