Stories behind the names of your toons?

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Sardorim - The Riot crew back on the League of Legends forums changed my name to Sardorim one day than changed it back when I made a Topic asking what was up. I thought it was a cool enough sounding name so I decided to use it.
10/02/2012 03:51 PMPosted by Vaeflare
(Anyone remember the animated “Conan the Adventurer” or Disney’s “Gargoyles”?)

YES! I loved Gargoyles! :D

As for my name, it comes from an old Choose Your Own Adventure type series called "Lone Wolf." In one of the languages in the world of the books, the main character's name is "Kor Skarn." I loved this series and the character, so I ended up picking Skarn as my main character's name. I typically use it in any game or Internet setting.

I've been shocked at how many other people actually use the name and I'm curious how many get it from the same location as I do.
Nubbingit - A nick name that goes back. Basically just means being a screw-up!
Macau - My cow (tauren obviously!)... also a play on the country ;)
Ameishing - Amazing (my pandaren monk!), also the name of a chinese restaurant near my house. My housemates got a huge laugh out of it!
Tinyvendor - my gnome mage, nuff said.
Taurasome - Tauren Paladin, also nuff said.
Yeah do I need to explain?
Metal Gear Solid the third member of the Les Enfants Terribles project
10/02/2012 07:34 PMPosted by Trolljaboy
Yeah do I need to explain?

That is fabulous.
Mine is simple, I am the one who knocks.
Michael {Paladin}. Named after The Archangel Michael Warrior-General of Heaven.
Anubis {DK}. Named after The Ancient Egyptian God of Death
Sabriel {Warlock} Named after a Demon from White-Wolf's House of The Fallen table top RPG.
Tremere {Mage} Named for the Head of a order of human mages turned vampires in White-Wolf's Vampire The Masquerade table top RPG.
KungLao {Monk} Named for a character from the video game Mortal Kombat.
Abbadon {Shadow Priest} Named after a Demon from Christian Mythology.
I like to take mine from favorite characters from old video games, books, and such. I use a lot of names from the video game series Suikoden, if anyone has ever played it.

Pesmerga: Death Knight
Mazus: Warlock
Kirkis: Hunter
Pahn: Monk
Oulan: Rogue, Monk
Valtýr = Norse for "slain god"
Tyrael = Well you should know who this is... D2 was my first blizz game and really liked Tyrael in there

Even though I made this name back in wrath and before D3, I thought it was ironic that they decided to make Tyrael mortal. Like an accidental foreshadowing...
evilme: a joke name on the first online game i played until I learned the ropes and made my real toon. Evilme stuck and it became my real toon and was known on the server. Since then I use evilme as my name in online gaming whenever i can.
I'm a big warhammer fan boy and i used to be an Orc, Grimgor Ironhide (DA MOST DEAD ARDEST BLACK ORC EVA) has an axe named Gitsnik, which literally means 'foe killer' in warhammer orcish, so i switched it around and added da so my name meant 'kill the foe/enemy'
Back when RPG's only let you pick like four letter names, I always used the name Ali.

From there on out, every thing pretty much had some form of Ali in it.

So when I made my first WoW chara, a troll rogue, I named her Ali but then needed something troll sounding. So I named her Alizat.

Eventually, for my shaman I just got uncreative and reversed Alizat into Tazila, but my love for my sham has become so strong over the years that almost all my handles now have some form of Taz in it instead of Ali. =]

The only "unique" names I have had was my paladin named Glitterhands (changed to Razzamatazz) and then my monk is named Caffeinated, due to.. me always having some form of Caffeine in arms reach.
10/02/2012 04:52 PMPosted by Blarbrandr
At least I'm not using Welsh...

I'm convinced it's not an actual language, and they just created it to screw with the rest of us. And the whole time they're just sitting there blabbering in jibberish to one another, laughing on the inside........
Alice - Because reasons
Tim - Because reasons
Mickey - Because reasons
Panda - Because reasons
Rooney - Wayne Rooney
Rifling - Because reasons

No, I don't use stupid little accents on my name.
I've been trying for several years, to have a character named, Uhura... No luck yet!
MY name is from a paper and pen RPG I made up for me and my buddy a long time ago. The Ruby Dagger was the name of the indestructible dagger in the game that did 13 damage and was enchanted with high armor peircing abilites and could slice through concrete steel. Yeah needless to say, We played unil we got the dagger but then quit and didnt even use it cuz it was too powerful, id roll like 7 dice and kill everyone lol.
<<<Formerly Joewarrior

It's a reference to probably the coolest arms warrior ability (pre 5.0.3 patch, before they f***** it all up), both the mechanic and the ethos behind it. An awesome icon as well.

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