Death Knight
Does this not work in pvp?, i am getting no effect out of it what so ever,
look at the health, i turn on percentages so when they get to 35% or less i use it and if ur watching they usually go form 35%(for example) to 9 or 5%, if its not doing something like that for u its prob bugged, keep in mind it doesnt activate right away
worked fine for me when i did arenas for cap tonight. worked really well at instagibbing people when i applied it to them at 50% hp then oblit with a km proc to knock em down into execute range as the debuff fell off. im sure that the priest and pally healers i killed had no idea what just happened to them.

anywho... aside from its buff duration being way to short when you kill someone before the debuff falls off its working properly
the buff you get from it if you kill them before it wears off is currently only 3-4 seconds instead of the 10 it should be, but the damage is working just fine.

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