Addon for invocation?

does anyone know of an addon i can use to track the invocation buff easily i cant on nugrunning or fortexorcist
Please Somebody! Also if it could track the 10% debuff from fire too that would be nice :)
Hate to necro a month old thread, but could X-Perl Unitframes or Quartz CastBars be configured to track the invocation spellpower buff?

I'm not completely opposed to installing another addon, but if this could be done with what I already have, well, less addons means less chance of buggy play imo.
Mage Nuggets has a built in timer specific to Invocation.
moar mages!@
I use mage nuggets.
since this was necroed but the topic is still relevant, i use TellMeWhen, i pretty much have it so that the buff icon is over my target portrait when i don't have the buff up.
I use NeedToKnow.

It lets you setup a timer bar anywhere on your screen that will countdown the buff duration. You can change the color and size of the bar. Absolutely awesome mod for tracking everything mage.
When I played Fire, I replaced my IceHud mana bar with a bar tracking the Invocation buff. This isn't a good idea for Arcane Mages, but Invocation itself isn't a good idea for Arcane Mages.

If you don't use a hud, or like to pretend that mana is still important, use WeakAuras or NeedToKnow.
I have a killer solution for this, let me share it.

First I use MageNuggets for the invocation bar thing, allows me to see really quickly if I have it active or not. I find it more practical than scanning my buffs, especially in a raid setting where I have like 25 icons in there.

Now the fun stuff, you can use Power Auras for this, but I use Parrot. You can setup alerts in Parrot that will flash the screen or play a sound when certain events occur. I setup several such alerts, one of which flashes my screen in purple and plays a loud distinct sound when my evocation buff runs out. It's almost impossible to miss.

I also added one for combustion in there, this way even in very intense moments I simply cannot miss the cooldown running out on this one. I could add one for Alter Time and PoM in there too, but since they are all on semi-grouped cooldowns I haven't bothered.
Hey guys, you can add Invoker's Energy (Invocation buff) to Fortexorcist pretty easily. The author did a great job of writing clean, maintainable code

First off, download Notepad++ or another code-friendly text editor. Trying to edit code with Notepad/Wordpad/MS Word/etc is just asking for trouble.

Now, go here:

C:\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\Forte_Class\Mage

(or wherever your addons are)

Now edit "Mage.lua" in notepad++, visual studio, etc. Or you can use Wordpad if you want to be a jerk about it

Add a line along with the ":AddBuff(####)" lines that like this:

:AddBuff(116257) -- Invoker's Energy

Reload WoW, and BAM, you've got it

... Now if only I could figure out why I'm doing less DPS on my green-geared 90 mage than I am on my level 87 warlock...
mage nuggets has a built in invocation and rune of power tracker now

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