Remember when you all cried about healing?

10/02/2012 04:55 PMPosted by Stormspellz
that is the magic thing about hots and barkskin and mobility and escapes cds

Our HoT's are awesome, and perhaps even overpowered... in raids. In PvP, they're pretty terrible under these conditions. They take forever to ramp up, and even at full strength they're not doing the heals-per-second that a single DPS is putting out. Barkskin is laughable. I literally can't think of a single occasion recently where it's made a difference. Mobility is about the only strong suit we have right now, and that is really easily taken away with all the new toys different classes have access to. Now, I realize that I'm not in much PvP gear right now, but speaking as a healer in general I can say that damage is more out of control than I've ever seen it... even more so than in the last weeks of wrath.

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