Malevolent/Dreadful Ret LF partners

Retribution Paladin seeking partners for 3v3 Arena and Rated Battlegrounds! I plan on streaming all of the matches on as we go along. Looking to push rating for both!

Currently sitting at 57% PvP Resil and 34% PvP Power...I need conquest points to advance my gear @ this point...all enchants/gems accounted for.

I'm available for matches Tuesday-Friday, pretty much anytime of the day granted advanced notice is given.

Can leave inquiries here, or get with me in-game!
What times do you normally play? Any specific comp ya wanna run? I'd be up trying a combo with ya once I get lvld n geared here within the next few weeks.
I usually play most any time of the day Tuesday through Friday...and occasionally some on weekends. As far as 3's go, Ret / Healer / DPS (war, mage, hunter, spriest) seems to come to mind, but I'm open to other comps.

Still looking for both 3v3 arena & RBG's
Still in the market for partners...get at me in game!
Stream can be found here:

Still looking for both a 3v3 team and RBG team...

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