Bought a pet from store

Customer Support
Error has occured
cannot redeem pet
tried the code from email as well, did not get pet sent to me in game.
Is your account status Pending or Active, Hot?
oh its pending? my reoccurring sub is about to go through today. shouldnt it be active?
It looks like your subscription is currently still pending, Hotwaffle. Until it processes you wont' be able to add a mount or pet code. These things usually process within 72 hours. Sorry for the inconvenience.

10/02/2012 07:16 PMPosted by Hotwaffle
shouldnt it be active?

While a subscription payment is pending, we try not to interrupt your ability to play so you'll usually still have access to the game but the account itself is not technically considered "active" by the system.
will this happen every month because im on a 1 month sub?
10/02/2012 07:19 PMPosted by Hotwaffle
will this happen every month because im on a 1 month sub?

It does happen every month, or every 3 or 6, depending on your subscription option. You shouldn't otherwise notice unless you are attempting to add a pet/mount redemption code during the processing time.

The pending period won't impact any pets/mounts that you have already added. So once you add the pet code after the account moves into the active state you wouldn't lose it when the account moves into a pending period next time around.

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