Demonic Gateway Despawning

Hey Blizzard?

I noticed mages can polymorph a million beasts and they will last for 24 hours. Can my demonic gateway (something ACTUALLY USEFUL for playing the game) not despawn when I walk out of distance with it? I KNOW I KNOW...10 minutes is a long time to make something not despawn and I apologize about being so needy. But could you do me that little favor please...pretty please.

Thank you.

PS stop being nice to mages
They don't care.
Otherwise it would have the same distance to it as demonic circle.
bump need more warlocks who care, oh also in arenas it bugs out sometimes and won't let my partners use it while there are charges, then randomly they can use it...
10/04/2012 06:38 AMPosted by Begus
bump need more warlocks who care, oh also in arenas it bugs out sometimes and won't let my partners use it while there are charges, then randomly they can use it...

Is this happening when taking into consideration the debuff it gives whenever you use it? If I remember right, the debuff stops the person from using it for about 10 secs and wipes aggro.
I agree with OP, the despawning is really annoying. I can only say that demonic gateway is really dissapointing compared to other classes 87 skills, even though some of us in beta tried to make blizzard understand why this skill is lame and unappealing , but they just don't care, they are just living in their own world with their potpourri and coffee. (The model and the animation look really old and slow, like it's made in the year 2000. Colorful lights can't hide terrible looks)
I completely agree with this, I walk about 50 ft away from one in a bg and it dissapears, or one side of it does and renders it completely useless. In order to actually get use of this thing, you have to summon it, wait 30 seconds for it to make a charge of teleporting, and literally sit right next to it. Why do warlocks always get something like this... that's just really clunky.
It shouldn't have endless distance like teleport, but seriously.
Thought I'd play around with it in Org, made gateways from the steps of the bank to the steps in the AH. In the distance I walked to talk to the auctioneers, it despawned.
Awesome ability imo, but needs some tweeking to become viable...
Agreed 100%, really annoying.
Yeah, don't see why it has a despawn range. If nothing else, wish they'd triple the range of it.
Loving the support, get more attention maybe they'll listen and fix it for us
They cant even bother to remove the 2 minute cd on sacrifice so i doubt they would bother making demonic gateway useful. Blizzard hates warlocks , other casters need mana to cast spells.. we need to build up embers and shards just to cast spells that do crappy damage.
I agree that the need to address this. It's pretty useless when you walk away a bit and one side disappears.. then you can only use one side to port.

Not to mention that it's a 5 second (with no haste) cast... that's insanely long and make it almost useless in Arena's since melee teams will just run @ you as soon as it starts.
The cast time really needs reduced. It's not like we can use it when someone is on use anyways, since it takes 15 seconds for a single charge to build. So why have the long cast time?

And yes please, make it like our Demonic Circle and don't despawn the stupid thing.
5.1 PTR notes
"Demonic Gateway's duration has been increased to 20 minutes, and it will no longer despawn if the Warlock moves too far away. "


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