Cannot self cast macro Holy Prism

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I have tried many different methods of macroing Holy Prism to cast on myself, and turned off addons to confirm, but if you have Holy Prism in a macro it WILL NOT self cast as long as you are targeting something other than yourself. Every time I have a target selected and hit my macro, it casts on that target, regardless of alt cast or @self/@player. It will only cast on your current target for macros.

This is my current macro:

/cast [mod: shift] !Consecration; !Holy Prism
I did find that

/cast [@player] !Holy Prism

worked now, but I still cant use a generic macro to self cast when my self cast button (Alt) is held.

I had to update my above macro to:

/cast [mod: alt] !Holy Prism; [mod: shift] !Consecration; !Holy Prism

Idk if I am being derpy right now or not, but I dont recall the order of spells using Modifiers mattering before. Either way it still doesn't explain the strange default self casting state.
Holy Prism and Consecration are not toggles, therefore you don't need the exclamation point (it does nothing for you except waste macro space).

Macros are much more direct in what they do versus a standard action button. If you don't tell it to allow self-casting, it won't do it. Even your updated macro should still cast it on your target instead of yourself when alt is held.

/cast [mod:alt,@player][nomod:shift] Holy Prism; Consecration

I'm sure the people on the UI/Macro forum can explain this better if necessary.
Yeah I made a huge typo on the update, there should be a ", @ player" after the alt modifier. The toggle thing comes from beta where none of the macros would work without it.

As for your second paragraph, Ive had many a macroed ability with self casts on Alt held, but no modifier listed. Prism so far is the only one I have had to specify using alt to self cast to date.
How many of those other macros also include a different modifier statement in the same cast line? It's possible that having the two spells being checked in the same macro, one with a modifier (even though it's different), is interfering with the self-cast modifier.
My main 6 buttons all have shift macros to save bar space. Prism is on the 4th, but isnt on shift. I know that macro allowed for self casts on Beta, perhaps something changed. For now its a lessened issue due to the Alt mod working as coded. While I wouldnt call it a closed issue (closed imo would alt cast as described in my OP), its a minor annoyance at worst now.

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