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Hello everybody,

I have been experiencing very long load times when I zone into dungeons and when i release from dying in a dungeon.

I have installed wow on my SSD and HDD.

Everytime I enter a dungeon from the dungeon finder que, it takes a long time to load into the dungeon.

I have a 3rd party program which monitors downloads and uploads from my computer (netlimiter 3) and it says that WOW is downloading something (ranges between 30-80 kbs/s)

this happens everytime I enter a dungeon and it ranges from 2-4 minutes of downloading before I can eventually zone into the dungeon.

Sometimes there is a "important game data is currently being downloaded" sign but when I reload wow, it dissapears. At the bottom it says 0% completed.

I have ran wow launcher and it says my game is up to date.

I have deleted cache, WTF and interface to refresh UI, and yet everytime I zone into a dungeon or release from a dungeon, it downloads somethign and takes a long time to load, I know my ssd or hdd cannot be the issue because I have tried running WOW from both drives.

does anyone have the same or similar problem to me?
Any help will be appreciated thanks!!!
I have the same problem - it makes the game nearly unplayable with the exception of BGs. For instances I have been able to force quit a few times and/or close all instances of Agent in the task manager. After loading each instances this way i can rezone later without the problem. Not as lucky for loading open world areas or releasing spirit from an instance to find a 7-10 minute load.
it does this to me to is there anyway to fix it????? because im tired of happening to exit the whole it only does it when i die and it takes forever for me to come back need answers soon pleace
Bumping threads from months ago causes a bit of confusion. If you need assistance with an issue, please create a new thread and detail your issue there. Make sure to include any steps you have already tried.

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