Temple of Kotmogu

This is the only battleground I ever want to play. It is so much fun. <3
I thought the same thing when I played it earlier. :D
Yea I like ToK, but seems allies are dominating most of this bg, which makes me feel sad :(
Blizzard did this one right.

i hate it more than SotA

Mad cause bad.
10/03/2012 02:46 AMPosted by Vaedrin
Mad cause bad.
It is basically a death match. People that don't like it are not "mad cus bad" they probably don't like it because most of the players that screw around & ignore objectives in other BGs like this one. It's more like "glad cus bad".
Yea - I'm digging the new BG's.
The only problem is my map addon is not up to date so I have no idea where I'm going >:|

/ cheers for new fun maps that are not reskins of old styles
It's awesome switching the tracks in silvershard and watching ppl qq when they realize the cart is going the long way
I'm a fan of the Temple as well. I haven't done the Silvershard BG yet. The only thing that I don't like about Temple is that it amplifies the issues that I have with mages, spriests and locks presently. I'm reserving my love of the BG for a couple of cycles of hotfixes and nerfs/buffs.
I'd have to agree its a fun BG but definitly favors the wizards. They can really leverage the "ledge". I imagine in a competitive setting this BG will get really interesting and perhaps a bit gimmicky... but I guess they all do.
I like how theres 4 spawn points (2 per faction). What better fun than killing each other for their......orbs :P
Tis fun indeed..very fun.
Oh please, I love all the objective-based battlegrounds. I love EotS, I love AV, I love AB, I defend nodes, I cap flags, I participate in BGs as they were intended to be run and I still believe that Kotmogu is by far my new favorite BG. Loving a free for all doesn't mean you're some objective-ignoring illiterate bad. Most of the bads probably won't excel even in the new BGs anyway, they're far too stupid.
This is quickly becoming my favorite BG. No running cross field, no sitting in one spot guarding a node/flag. Just none stop killing. My only suggestions are, if you have an orb you cannot leave the field of play, and pillars would be nice . Other than that, perfect BG.
This is the only battleground I ever want to play. It is so much fun. <3
Awesome BG idea, Alliance beats horde every time. I really wonder how many children play on horde compared to alliance. There is a huge difference between common sense between the two factions and maturity level.

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