Prot Pally LF Gold Challenge Modes

Occasional prot pally alt turned main looking for a guild or team to push Challenge Modes with. Been tanking since BC on various incarnations of Slalin, and love tanking 5-mans. Well aware of old school BC difficulty heroics where cc and kiting could come into play and am eager to have that back.

Dinged 90 today through LFD. Will be farming heroics this reset, then probably try pushing the Glory of Panda Hero stuff the next, then Challenge modes after. My goal is silver in everything, tho if gold is realistic I'll try for that too.

If anyone is interested, or knows someone who might, let me know via post or game mail (preferred) or just bug me in game. I'm usually on every day.
Bump for having good fortune with LFD pugs. Having better luck with them than Proudmoore trade chat groups.

Likely gonna try to do some challenge modes next reset. Would like to find some people/a guild that can cooperate and mostly follow my lead for em.
You need to be a dk with 2 ele shamans and a priest for challenge modes.



Proudmoore doesn't look to even be trying

This must change!
Think I'm gonna try Temple of the Jade Serpent today. 8am or 7pm server time. Depends how sleepy I am when I get home from work. Gonna want some people who can cc elementals just in case.

edit: One bite from 8am to 9am :(

Scarlet Monastery Undead boss down, followed by 3 wipes from the same person facepulling the same new pat 3 times after said boss lol.

Would like to find people that don't quit after two wipes and who don't assume the group knows the instances back and forth on their first attempt.

Looks like a worthy challenge. Fun times.

1.6 / 6 MV; didn't think I'd raid tank but random pug asked me so I went. It's not too bad.
Daily bump

Nearing completion of Glory
bump for wise mari down, then people having to go (?)

Bump for Jade Temple away from Glory. Meeting people along the way, but still no CM team

Don't make me cross-realm, Proudmoore!


Almost right on time per OP schedule incidentally
Bump for CM Mogu'shan completion

Many thanks to Dark for their help, and to Novacayn from Blackhand
Bump for Glory of the Pandaria Hero. Yay for mount I can't even use.

LFM dps for Silver (for now) Challenge Mode team.


463+ ilvl
Reasonably gemmed/enchanted/flasked. I don't expect you to drop 5k on an enchant.
Willing to CC, kite, los, whatever is needed to succeed
Pleasant person who stays pleasant even after being blown to bits by the same trash pack repeatedly.

I'm not super ambitious about this, but I'm confident I can get a cooperative group to silver eventually. I'll be looking to do the daily challenge mode often.

PST/reply/whatever. Just bug me.
Bump for Jade Temple Bronze (27:44). Wiped on last boss adds exploding, else had silver.

Probably won't rank since cross realm. I need more people from Proudmoore!

I can get you a mount. Guaranteed. Just takes practice.

edit: I definitely will not be going for Gold. Not realistic for my skill. And I give no damns about transmog anyway.

edit2: Ranked!

edit3: Going for gold even if I fail
id love to pew pew glory of the hero and/or challenge modes on the weekends
Done with glory. Doubt I'll step foot in a 5-man heroic until new ones come out. Challenge Modes are just too much fun in comparison. Can't go back.

And, er, I might actually want to start raiding. I'm really enjoying MV in LFR. Tanking raids is usually very boring to me, but not this one.

edit: Oh and bump brewery bronze and Scarlet Halls clear (7-mob packs o_O)
4/9 Silver

Only behind NCP in Shado-pan timing /dance

Always looking for more people as it's hard to sync everyone up.

Also LF guild that raids T&W for at least 4 hours per sitting. Would like to clear 10m normal mode raids with a regular team. Not sure if I care about hardmodes yet. I'm 6/6 MSV, 1/? HoF with experience tanking 2nd boss. I have a ret offspec, but I'm still working on it while I fish.
7/9 Silver. Gate and Halls away from mount. I can easily finish up Silver with my cross-realm friends, but I'd still prefer some Proudmoore people.

Also would still like to find a guild or regular group to raid Tuesdays and Wednesdays for as long as it takes to clear 10man normals with. I have both days off and would like to use them.
9/9 Silver :)
Prepping for a run at gold

Goal for 5.1 will be at least some golds. Looking to get a regular group going Tuesday and/or Wednesday anywhere from like 4pm to 10pm server time. I'm not super hardcore about this, but hoping to find people who are willing to spend as much time as needed to eventually complete gold, all while staying pleasant the entire time.

I have a warlock friend ready to go, and probably a healer priest. Would like a solid melee dps, and a ranged dps with heroism.

Will need invis pots, dps pots, maybe even swiftness pots, vent + mic, good attitude, willingness to improve upon shortcomings, etc.
Final bump till I get a gold

Gonna try this week...probably Gate since is my closest.

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