Prot Pally LF Gold Challenge Modes

Hey Slalin,

Not sure if you have found a guild yet, but you could check us out at We are always looking for new recruits and our Guild Leader is looking at starting a Saturday group for Challenge Modes. We might also be able to use you on a Raid team so come on over and check us out.
Took longer than I expected, but bump for Jade Temple Gold. Did it without hero and an extra mispull.

Fun times.

Scholo and Shado-pan are both seconds from gold too.
2/9 Scholo down ezpz
After an absolutely brutal 8-10 hours of attempts between 3 days, CM Brewery GOLD with one second remaining.

Hands still tingly

Hrm some reason my CM Mogu/Halls/Shado pan post got deleted.

Regardless, helped friends get Jade and ended up with realm best time.

I look like a luchador


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