DW or 2H tanking(Parry issues)

So as a new tank, I’ve read that monks are able to tank with both DW and 2H styles. However, I’m worried that parry-gib still exists, which was a major reason back in wrath that DW death knights were not encouraged. Does this problem still exist, or can I feel free to tank with whatever pleases me?
Parry haste hasn't existed since the end of Wrath. Feel free to choose whichever you like =)
Don't worry about it.

There are slight differences between a 2h and dualwield style in and of themselves, but use whatever pleases you. You won't be gimping yourself as a tank.
This is good news. Thanks a ton!
Parry gibbing hasn't existed since BC. The feature changed for WotLK and now parry's (so far as I've been able to tell) just mean you lose a GCD or two.
Pretty sure parry-gib still existed in Wrath, at least during Ulduar periods. My DK tried DW tanking and had some bad experiences.
that's largely contributed to dk's not having the talent that let them dual wield as tanks efficiently (I.e. the frost talent that lets the offhand mimic the attack of the main hand)
Yeah, parry-haste was removed in 4.0. That's why tanks don't get big chunks of free expertise just for being tanks anymore.
I still prefer 2h tanking for monk
just seems to net more dmg / threat.

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