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Guild Recruitment
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Hello raiders,

Look at your guild. Now back to mine. Now back at your guild. Now back to mine. Sadly, your guild isn't mine. But if you decide you want to experience end-game content with an end-game guild, this could be your guild. Look down. Back up. Where are you? You're in a raid with a guild that could be your guild. What's in you gear slots? Back at me. We have it, it's that gear for that slot that you needed. Look again. The gear is now titles and achievements. Anything is possible when your guild is Sacred Vow and not the other guys. I'm on a panda.

In all seriousness though, Sacred Vow is currently recruiting for 25 mans to push US rankings and Server firsts.
A little further information.
Name: Sacred Vow
Server: US-Eredar PvP, Alliance,Chicago datacenter,EST server
Format: 25 m
Raid Times: 9pm-12am EST sun/mon/tue
Contact information: Real Id:
Battletag: Zadoc#1856

Class Needs:
Shamans: low
Paladins: low
Druids: Medium,Guardian specced tank.
Warrior: low
Priests:High healing priest and exceptional spriest
Mages: High
Death Knight:Medium
Any exceptional players of any class feel free to contact us,we are constantly looking for better players to push progression with.

A little bit about us:
Sacred Vow started out as a group of friends with a goal to make the perfect balance between hardcore raiding and a friendly guild. We have grown much since those beginning days,securing alliance first on our server in DS and becoming a contender for server firsts in MoP in a relatively short amount of time. Our core team is consisted of parsing players and some of the best players our server has to offer.

As such,we are looking for players that share our same mentality. Players that will research the fights,study their classes and the delicate art of min/maxing your toon to it's fullest potential. Players that will show up to a raid fully prepared to the best of their ability. While at the same time having a strong relationship within our guild community.

What we expect from you:
Know your class: I think this one speaks for itself. One thing that is unique about our guild is that we do actively seek to help our players improve, but we cannot squeeze a rock to make water. You need to have a level of skill that is commensurate with the content we are currently working on.

Gear: We have always firmly believed that the player is more important than the gear they are wearing. If you can show us that you have skill, and dedication, we can gear you. While we would like you to have gear appropriate to the content we are working on, not having that gear will not be an insurmountable hurdle to your application.

Ability to meet our raid schedule: Attendance is and will always be top priority for our expectations.Since we are recruiting for main positions and are going to keep a tight roster we need to depend on you to make our raids with 99% attendance.

We are not going to tolerate loot Hogs,arrogance,cockiness,and people who are inconsistent.

If you fit the above description,and you are looking to join a guild with a mindset to progress,push server firsts and US rankings with.Give me a shout at my real ID or Battletag and we can discuss any further questions/concerns you may have :)
Any particular kind of monk? i'm a mistweaver and am one of the best geared monks in the world well untill today :)
I am looking for any spec of monk!:D if they are skilled at what they do.Hit me up on real Id if you wanna talk more:D i'll be on wow tomorrow all day.
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